Sea Of Thieves Raised $94,000 In Pirate Booty For Cancer

Many pirates in Sea of Thieves set sail together to raise money for a great cause, Stand Up To Cancer. Rare first initiated the campaign with a limited time sail item, The Sails of Union, back in September. The sale of this item ran until November 6. The final figure is in, and an impressive $94,000 was raised to help the fight against cancer.

How it worked was generous players could purchase the limited time item through either the Microsoft Store or Steam. If they bought it through Microsoft 100% of profits went to charity, Steam sales contributed 75% of the sale.

To raise almost $100 thousand is amazing especially in these uncertain economic times. Pirates were clearly eager to share some of their booty for a truly great cause, when they weren’t busy getting cursed. The purchase price for the charitable sails was $5.99 on both platforms.

The Sails of Union was a very uniquely designed sail that looks stunning during both day and night time play. It even features a design similar to that of Stand Up to Cancer’s own logo, a reminder for those who contributed. Those who bought the Sails of Union outside of the USA had their contributions go towards Cancer Research UK in support of the charity.

Stand Up to Cancer has  partnered with many games and tournaments in the past to raise much needed funds. What is inspiring to see is how many players come together worldwide to purchase limited time items or even just donate to the worthy cause. Big time streamers have even donated their time to raise money.

What makes them such a worthy cause to donate to, is that they are funding research to that will hopefully lead to new breakthroughs in cancer treatment.  The ultimate goal of course is to one day beat cancer. By continuing to do these partnerships in various games will hopefully one day lead to that. To find out more about Stand Up to Cancer head to their website on how you can make an impact.

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