Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete All Master Trials Of Exploration

The Master Trials of Exploration expect players to understand how to navigate and overcome everything that Sea of Thieves might throw at them, and therefore demands great skill. Unsurprisingly, these trials of exploration will take you across more or less every island in Sea of Thieves and have you looking for fairly small objects.

Since the Trials were introduced when Sea of Thieves began its first season three years after release, players have been scrambling to complete every deed and score as much of the booty on offer for players with and without the season pass. This guide will break down each Master Trial of Exploration and walk you through exactly what you need to do to complete them.

How to Complete the Master Explorer Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Open Treasure Vaults
  • Ring the bell high atop the Sea Dogs’ Tavern
  • Find a way to reach the Shores of Gold

The first deed in the Master Explorer trial wants you to open ten treasure vaults. Not to be confused with Fort Vaults, Treasure Vaults are the reward for completing the Wayfinder Voyages. These are relatively recent additions to the Gold Hoarder Trading Company and can be bought from there representatives in any outpost. You must be at least level 25 with the Gold Hoarders to buy these voyages though, so make sure you’ve bought the Gold Buccaneer title. There is also a chance they won’t be selling any when you speak to representative, in which case you’ll have to sail to another outpost or see if anyone on your crew is being offered one.

A Wayfinder Voyage requires you to find all the pieces of a torn map that leads to a Treasure Vault Key. To find the torn fragments, you will be equipped with a Golden Wayfinder when you first accept the voyage by voting for it on the Captains Table. This Wayfinder looks almost exactly like a compass but instead of pointing north, it will point towards the fragment pieces.

There will be between three and six torn pieces to collect, and once done, the players will have access to the Torn Map. It will look similar to a typical treasure map, except for all the damage, with an X drawn on. Dig in this location to find the Treasure Vault Key. You can turn in the key to the Gold Hoarders for a reward, but to complete this deed you’ll have to use it instead.

To find the Treasure Vault that the key opens, the crew will have to look at the inscription on the key that directs them to the keyhole. Once you’ve done that, the Treasure Vault will open and you’ll be one step closer to completing this deed.

If you want to loot the Vault, remember that you only have a couple of minutes to do so, so be quick and work together to get as much treasure as you can.

The second deed wants you to ring the bell atop the Sea Dogs’ Tavern. There are a lot of taverns in Sea of Thieves but the Sea Dog’s isn’t marked on any map. Head to K-11 and you should find a gigantic sea rock with the Sea Dogs’ Tavern built into the side. Running across the length of the sea rock is a sprawling obstacle course.

There is a bell that signals the beginning of the route found inside the Tavern, but that isn’t the bell that will complete this deed. There is another bell half way up the route, but that doesn’t complete the deed either. There is one final bell at the very top of the sea rock and ring that will complete this deed.

While players are constantly fighting to beat the course in the best time, there is no time limit on ringing the bell. The course itself mainly tests your platforming abilities so taking your time and judging each next jump is the most sure fire way to make it to the top. And as always with these challenges, be cautious if there is another crew already here.

The final deed in the Master Explorer trial wants you to reach the Shores of Gold. This island exists beyond the Shroud that surrounds the Sea of Thieves that is deadly to any boat that attempts to pierce it.

But as the name suggests, making it to Shores of Gold is the ultimate goal of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale Arc. So to make it there you must complete the eight Tall Tales that allow you to construct the Shroudbreaker artefact and reach the island for the ninth Tall Tale titled ‘Shores of Gold’. Once you make it to the island on foot, the deed should complete.

The Tall Tales you will have to complete to unlock the Shores of Gold are: The Shroudbreaker, The Cursed Rogue, The Legendary Storyteller, Stars of a Thief, Wild Rose, The Art of the Trickster, The Fate of the Morningstar, and the Revenge of the Morningstar. Once they have all be completed at least once you are free to begin the Shores of Gold Tall Tale by speaking to Grace outside the tavern on Morrow’s Peak Outpost in the Devil’s Roar.

There are far to many instructions for each Tall Tale to put in this guide, so if you’re struggling check back for our Tall Tale Guides.

How To Complete The Master Of Thrones Trial In Sea Of Thieves

  • Sit in all small Skeleton Thrones
  • Sit in all large Skeleton Thrones with another crew

To complete the Master of Thrones trial you have to visit, and put your butt upon, all of the thrones hidden through the game. While there is plenty of challenge to be found in finding, and more importantly reaching the thrones in question, the real difficult comes from the fact that you have to sit on five of them with another crew.

The first deed you can complete by yourself though, as you have to find the five small Skeleton Thrones and sit on them. The deed will also be complete if you’ve already done the Accomplished Throne Seeker and Throne Climber Trials of Exploration, as they require you find and sit on all five Thrones.

One can be found on the east side of Thieves Haven. Another in a secret tunnel in the sunken lagoon of the uncharted island at K-9. The third is on the lower ledge of the mountain on Devil’s Ridge. The fourth can be found on top of the tallest tower at Hidden Spring Keep, and the final one can be found on the isolated rock column on Mermaid’s Hideaway.

Most of them require you to cannon yourself to the target so for more help in reaching these Thrones, check out the Accomplished Throne Climber and Throne Seeker section in the Accomplished Trials of Exploration Guide. Make sure that once you’ve found each one you use the sitting emote or the deed will not complete.

The second deed wants you to find the five large Skeleton Thrones and sit on them with another crew. That means that you won’t be able to complete this deed unless you find another ship and her crew willing to come and sit on a big ugly chair with you in five separate locations. This deed doesn’t have to be completed with the same crew, or on the same session though, so you can try and work through it whenever you find a helpful alliance.

You will also have done the Throne on Shipwreck Bay if another crew for the Accomplished Throne Climber Challenge so be sure to check out that guide if you need more information on its location. Remember that reaching the throne isn’t enough. You have to use the sit emote with another crew for each to count so remember to sit down on each of them when you make it!

These Throne’s can be completed in any order, but the first on our list is on Plunder Outpost. Although you’ve probably gotten to know this island very well as you turn in your booty and peruse the shops, the Throne might be completely hidden to you. Take your ship and sail to the Southeast side of the island, where you can see next to nothing but the large mountain. Halfway up you will spy a small indent in the slope and that is where the Throne is. There is no route on foot though so you’ll have to use the ship’s cannons to take you that high.

This is one of the easiest to do with another crew as ships will be coming and going from the island regularly and you can ask them to venture with to the Throne, assuming they don’t burn down your ship and flee that is.

Another Throne can be found on Smugglers Bay. Well, not on the actual island but the large sea rocks to the northwest of it. Once again, you’ll have to smuggle yourself to the Throne with the cannons of your ship, but the Throne isn’t that high and there are plenty of rocks to catch you making the shot easier. You probably won’t encounter many other players around here so its normally best to look for another ship elsewhere and invite them to this location.

Over on Cannon Cove is another Large Throne. This is a more central island so its not unreasonable to run into other crews here, but since they may well be weighed down with treasure they might be cautious and/or aggressive towards strangers so be on your guard.

The Throne itself can be found on the huge rocky overhang the dominates the island, but it is hidden from view. Once again you’ll need your ship’s cannons so sail to the Northeast side of the island for the best angle to try and reach the ledge.

The final Large Throne can be found on Marauders Arch. This is another out-of-the-way island so there won’t be that much traffic to recruit to your cause, although there are a few outposts to the south where you might find a helpful crew.

The Throne is found on the highest point of the island, which is a surprisingly narrow peak with a withered tree visible. This can be a really tricky shot as you have very little to aim for, so take your time and use the rolling waves to try and get the right elevation.

Once you’ve sat on each Throne with another crew with deed will unlock.

How to Complete the Master Statue Smasher On Sea Of Thieves

  • Hand in Emerald Mermaid Gems
  • Hand in Ruby Mermaid Gems
  • Hand in Sapphire Mermaid Gems
  • Destroy Cursed Mermaid Statues

The Accomplished Statue Smasher Guide tells you all the basics about finding and destroying statues, so refer back to the Accomplished Trials of Exploration Guide if you need any help understanding what to do. This trial wants you to get very familiar with the statues and the gems scattered across the Sea of Thieves.

The first three deeds want you to hand in three of each type of Mermaid Gem: Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby. Remember that you can find these gems as rewards from vaults, ships, treasure hunts, and occasionally washed up onshore. Use the trial page to keep track of how many you’ve handed in so you know which ones to protect. If you only need to hand in one more of a specific type and you find one its recommended you immediately move to hand it in to an outpost. There is nothing more frustrating than losing one to another crew or some other attack you weren’t expecting.

These deeds also don’t care where you hand them in so you can spread them across all the Trading Companies at an outpost or focus on one to improve your reputation with it more.

The final deed wants you to destroy fifty Mermaid Statues. Its hard to plan to do this since Mermaid Statues are random and rare, and you’ll find a full-sized crew to deal with the Ruby variants. But if you play regularly and work to complete other trials you’ll come across fifty statues you can destroy through organic play and exploration. This deed doesn’t care what type of Meraid Statue you destroy either so don’t have to worry about finding a specific one.

Just make sure you’re listening out for the eerie humming whenever you arrive at a new island, and maybe check the coastline of the larger islands you explore in case there’s one hidden below the waves.

How To Complete The Master Pioneer Trial On Sea Of Thieves

  • Find and read all of the Pirate Lord’s Journals
  • Unlock the hold of the Magpie’s Fortune

The Master Pioneer Trial asks you to find the most hidden secrets of Old Sailor Isle, which is only accessible on the Maiden Voyage. While the Maiden Voyage is designed as a tutorial to new introduce players to the Sea of Thieves, there are a lot of secrets to be found.

The first deed wants you to find all ten of the Pirate Lord’s Journals. These are scattered through the medium-sized island but you should have already found one for the Aspiring Pioneer Trial. If you happened to miss it, the journal is hidden behind the waterfall near the starting pond. The journals can be found in any order, but this guide will walk you through the most straightforward way to reach each one.

The second journal can be found in the wrecked ship on the edge of the cove. Go past where you dig up the old pirate gear and you’ll spot the sun-bleached wooden cabin with a door blocking your access. Look for the journal in front of the door.

The third journal can be found by the helm of the wreck in the middle of the island. Look for the ladder on the right half of the wreck that gives you access to the bedroom and then climb the stairs to reach the top deck. Once you’ve spotted the steering wheel, the tome will be visible beside it.

The fourth journal is on top of the mast of the wreck. Simply find the ladder leading up and collect the journal in the Crow’s Nest.

Journal number five can in the broken hold of the wreck Head down the makeshift bridge that connects the two halves of the ship and look for a pair of barrels surrounded by the leaves. The journal should be next to one of them.

There is one more journal found in the secret hold of the ship, but you’ll need the key to access it. Check out the instructions for that on the next deed and make sure to interact with the journal while you’re down there.

The next journal near the bridge connecting the two island segments so leave the wreck behind. Once you’ve found the bridge, look for the ladder leading down to the waters edge, the book should be hidden in the vines down there.

Over the bridge, you’ll find a path that leads towards the eighth journal. Look for a picnic site neat the peak of the second island and you’ll find this book amongst the supplies.

The last two journals require you to explore the caves beneath the second island. Head back down the path that lead up the mountain and you’ll see a wooden door in the cave you passed through. Use the lever next to it to open the door and you’ll find a journal next to the campsite. Once you’ve read that, follow the path until you reach a drawbridge that cane be lowered with the capstan. Do that, than continue following the path. You’ll reach another closed down that can be pulled open with the pully next to it.

Once beyond that door, you’ll be in the cave with the rowboat. Turn around so you can see the metal grate on top of a ladder. Climb the ladder and you’ll find the journal against the stone wall.

Once you’ve found and read all of them, you’ll have completed the deed. Don’t worry, there’s not a quiz at the end.

The final deed for the Master Pioneer Trial is to unlock the hold of the Magpie’s Fortune. Head to rockpool on level with the deck of the wrecked ship. There is a broken mast you can use to access the area from the top deck of the ship.

Jump into the door pool and search where the area where the waterfall begins. The key should be found somewhere around there. Open you’ve found it, head down to the bottom level of the ship, and look for the trapdoor on the floor. Use the key to unlock it and climb inside to complete this deed.

You’ll also find a journal, doubloons (the game’s premium currency), and gold coins down there so make sure to pick it all up for some extra prizes.

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