Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game: How To Beat Nega Scott

With six members in the League of Evil Exes dealt with, only Gideon remains. That was the idea anyway. With a respite between the Twins and Gideon, Scott Pilgrim takes time to confront his past demons. He’ll have to overcome his greatest weaknesses before fighting the leader of the League.

Scott’s weaknesses manifest as Nega Scott, a dark entity comprised of all the shortcomings he neglects to accept. Players will want to take some notes before heading into this boss’s domain; several secrets and tips can influence their experience with both Nega Scott and player progression going forward.

Prep Work

World 6 is straightforward in comparison to its precursor. With only two areas from start to finish, it won’t take long to reach the end. What isn’t straightforward, however, is the world’s hidden shop, Mobile’s Secret House.

To find this shop, keep an eye out for Wallace Wells. The entrance rests directly behind him in between two trees covered in mushrooms. Getting inside is a bit tricky, so fiddle around until Scott gets inside. This is one of Scott Pilgrim’s most beneficial shops, and it offers one of the rarest items in the game.

This is the Special Training Manual. Players who procure this item gain access to Tech Attack 2, a second special move that is otherwise unattainable. Make sure to have some coin on hand, as it is a bit pricey. The items in this shop are:

  • Herbal Tea- $1.60 (+20 HP, 5 Guts, 1 Willpower)
  • Wild Blueberries- $2.95 (+40 HP, 20 Guts, 1 Defense)
  • Ginkgo Biloba- $9.95 (+90 HP, 90 Guts, 2 Defense, 2 Willpower)
  • Sautéed Shiitake- $9.95 (+30 HP, 30 Guts, 4 Defense, 4 Willpower)
  • Special Training- $57.50 (Unlocks Tech Attack 2)

Nega Scott: Phase One

Once players make their way to the end of the Eerie Forest, they’ll meet Scott’s dark side, Nega Scott. When compared to the twins, this boss is a far cry in difficulty. Make sure to keep track of this bosses moves as he has most of Scott’s moves along with several of his own:

  • Uppercut Punch
  • Jumping Kick
  • Negadoken
  • Flying Knee
  • Improved Speed and Agility

Just like Scott, Nega Scott possesses incredible combos and damage dealing potential. Don’t let him trap you in a corner, as he’ll wail on Scott and his friends mercilessly. He is made even more dangerous by his Improved Speed and Agility. It allows him to traverse the battleground in a second or two, honing in on players with ease. Block if he gets too close, and try to get to the center of the arena. This is the best area to confront him and deal damage.

The biggest difference between the two is Nega Scott’s long-range capability. He can attack from across the field with his Flying Knee and Jumping Kick attacks; if he leaps up, don’t assume he’ll miss. He may resemble Scott, but his kit is far more powerful. Try to keep him close, as keeping distance goads these on.

Nega Scott’s signature move is his Negadoken attack, in which he fires a Hadoken like mass towards Scott Pilgrim and his friends. Evade this move and be ready to block, as Nega Scott often follows up with close-range attacks. Take this chance to guard and retaliate. Once Nega Scott begins to glow yellow, the final phase will begin.

Nega Scott: Final Phase

Nega Scott’s final phase adds no new moves to his kit, but he will move slightly quicker and exhibit more aggression. Use the same strategies as listed above while taking extra precautions when he gets closer. Keep nailing him with combos until he is KOed. With Nega Scott’s defeat, only one boss remains, Gideon Graves.

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