Salt And Sacrifice: How To Level Up

Increasing your stats in Salt and Sacrifice is one of the best ways to become stronger. Sure, you could learn a boss' moveset perfectly and practice your timing until everything is second-nature, but the whole game just goes more smoothly when you have better stats to back you up.

The game doesn't do a tremendous job of telling you how to level up, though. If you want to spend your hard-earned Salt in a way that matters, you'll have to visit a certain statue in a certain Vale.

All Stats, Explained

The table below details the stats your character has in Salt and Sacrifice, as well as what they're responsible for.

StrengthIncreases the damage dealt by weapons that scale with strength.
DexterityIncreases the damage dealt by weapons that scale with dexterity.
VitalityIncreases your total health points.
WillIncreases your maximum stamina.
EnduranceIncreases your maximum equipment load.
ArcanaIncreases the damage dealt by weapons that scale with arcana.
ConvictionIncreases the damage dealt by weapons that scale with conviction.
ResolveIncreases your total focus points.
LuckIncreases the damage dealt by weapons that scale with luck. Luck also increases your Item Find, which affects how often enemies drop items.

As you can see, the most important stats to increase are your Will, Endurance, and any stats that increase the damage of your chosen weapon. You can check a weapon's scaling on its description box.

In addition, Luck is useful for most builds if you like to collect lots of items, even if you don't use a Luck-scaling weapon.

Vitality is a useful stat to invest into, but leveling up along will improve your health total by default.

How To Level Up

To level up, you'll need to spend Salt. This is accrued whenever you defeat an enemy or whenever you use a Salt item, such as a Salt Piece or a Salt Sliver.

If you die, you will lose all of your salt (and a portion of your Silver besides!). To regain this salt, you'll need to go back to where you fell and interact with a small blue puff of smoke that marks the location of your death.

You can only spend Salt at the Trifaul Idol in Pardoner's Vale. This is a large statue that can be found to the northwest of Champion Hera. Here, you can spend Salt to level up, which will boost your health a little and grant you Black and Gray Starstones.

You will receive a Black Starstone every time you level up, and Gray Starstones every time you hit a level that is a multiple of five.

Also at the Trifaul Idol, you can open up the Tree of Skill. This is where you can spend your Starstones. You can use Black Starstones to unlock nodes and invest in some already unlocked nodes.

  • Stat-boosting nodes that aren't starting nodes may be taken up to five times, letting you boost your stats without moving on the Tree of Skill.
  • Every weapon and armor type has a series of connected nodes that must be taken if you want to use them with any efficacy.
  • There are nodes that allow you to use Forbidden or Divine Glyphs. These must be unlocked to use the abilities attached to certain weapons.

Gray Starstones, on the other hand, will remove and refund a single Black Starstone. You can use this function to bridge out to desirable nodes and then refund any unneeded connecting nodes that would otherwise be useless for your build.

A prime example of when this could be useful is in refunding the nodes purchased to reach the higher-level Glyphreader and Banereader nodes. If you want to use Glyphs but don't require Conviction or Arcana to make them useful, you can refund these nodes and spend them elsewhere.

You cannot refund nodes that let you equip or use an item. This includes weapons, armor, and glyphs. In addition, you cannot refund any of your starting nodes.

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