Salt And Sacrifice: Hallowed Hill Walkthrough

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After thoroughly exploring all five regions in Salt and Sacrifice, you may well be wondering if you've discovered every secret that the game has to hide. Well, there's a particularly well-hidden one in the form of an entire new area to explore.

Hallowed Hill is a secret area that you'll only get the clues to once you reach Elder Copse, and it's a true test of everything you've learned throughout the game. It'll put every movement and traversal skill that you've accrued to the test, and it has some pretty deadly enemies to fight, too. Here's how to get there.

How To Get To Hallowed Hill

Getting to Hallowed Hill is pretty simple – you just need to enter a secret code into the Mirrorgate menu. This code is hinted at in Elder Copse – to find the hints, you need to head to the building that lies on a platform between Elder Copse and the Unprofaned Lake. It's easy to get there from the east using some conspicuous grappling points.

Inside the building is a tough Inphyrean Warden being buffed by an Aberrant Heart. Defeating the beast will get you an Ashpyr Brick. There's also a chest in this building that contains a Mosspyr Brick. You don't have to defeat the monsters to see the code.

You can see the code in the background, starting outside the building to the west and ending inside. The following pictures show the code's hints.

The final picture shows the code being entered in the Mirrorgate. The rune code is as follows:

  1. A vertical line with another line pointing to the northeast attached at the bottom.
  2. A vertical line with two small lines pointing to the southwest attached at the top and the middle.
  3. Two vertical lines connected with a diagonal line.
  4. A triangle pointing to the right.
  5. A backward, lowercase 'h' symbol.

Enter the portal, and you'll be in the secret area.

Hallowed Hill

Head east, completing the platforming and grappling challenges until you reach a building. Inside, you’ll find a chest with the Hallowed Bounty helmet. It's a pumpkin.

Climb down the platforms and then exit the building to the west.

Keep heading south through the platforming challenges. Eventually, you’ll encounter Undead Sages who love to use ranged attacks – they’ll make your life more difficult than it needs to be, especially if they manage to snipe you on a platform that breaks.

Eventually, you’ll get to the ground, which is full of Rust Knights. Head west, and you’ll enter Mossgrave.

This would be a great place to farm Rust Knights for the Hallowed Set, which is a strong set of Heavy Armor.


The enemies in here hit hard and are protected by very annoying Sentinel Eyes. Try to eliminate the eyes as soon as possible, preferably with ranged attacks – they love to move out of melee range.

After dealing with two groups of undead and grappling up to the next level, you can grapple to the northeast to find a pair of Magnesin pulleys. These will lead you to a door that serves as a shortcut to the top of the region. Be wary of the enemies and the Sentinel Eye on the connecting platform.

The western half of Mossgrave is filled with a very difficult series of platforming challenges. These will involve you grappling across blind gaps, running along breakable platforms, avoiding spinning blades, and timing your Ethercloth Bolt jumps perfectly. At the top, you’ll find a Salt Slab and a door that leads to the starting area. Convenient!

Head up the stairs to the west and enter the next area.

Revenant’s Keep

This is another area filled with basic enemies and difficult platforming, except now you have to use the Luminstone in addition, adding a timed element to things. You'll have to rush up to the updraft and take two grapples in quick succession.

Halfway through the first section, you can drop onto a stone platform and open a chest that contains the Harvestlord Set, which is a Heavy Armor set that makes you look something like a scarecrow.

After this section, you’ll encounter a Rust Knight being empowered by an Aberrant Heart. The Knight will do tremendous damage if you get hit, so do all you can to avoid it. The door behind it cannot be opened yet, anyway; just head upwards.

The next platform challenge has a nasty trap right at the end, a spinning blade that may knock you out of the air. If this happens, try to latch onto a grapple point before you hit the ground, or you’ll have to start all over again. Once you're able to reach the other side, head to the east and climb down – you’ll come to the door you couldn’t open earlier, which now serves as a shortcut.

When you get to the choice between stairs, take the lower set. This leads to the top of Hallowed Hill, letting you kick a shortcut ladder down and pick up the Hallowed Bounty Throwing Daggers.

Now head back and take the other pair of stairs. Apart from the annoying enemies at the beginning, this is a rough gauntlet of spike traps on the ground that you can barely see, thanks to how dark it is, and a ton of spinning dart traps. These are the traps you’ve encountered in Corvius’ Mire and Dreadstone Peak, respectively.

This is the final stretch, now. The next updraft section is filled with the infuriating Undead Sages, who will try to snipe you, so you’ll have to be very quick and decisive when moving through the air. You won't really be able to snipe them from a safe place.

You’ll come to a small room filled with super-powered Rust Knights and a chest. Trying to open this chest is dangerous, but it’s best to roll through the enemies and try your hardest to get what’s inside.

If successful, you’ll get the Drowned Key. This is what you came for.

Where To Use The Drowned Key

The hint as to where the key fits is given in the item's description, so check that out if you want to figure it out for yourself. If you don't mind being spoiled, open the section below to see exactly where it goes.

The key's description mentions a place that is both deep yet also familiar, and there's really only one place that fits that description at this point.

Head back to Pardoner’s Vale. Travel beneath the area to Treacher’s Grotto.

If you don't have access to Treacher's Grotto yet, you'll have to meet and talk to one of the NPCs that serve as representatives of the PvP factions. These can be found here.

In the far west of the area, you’ll find the door that the Drowned Key opens.

Inside, you’ll find a Hydromancer who functions as a merchant and has some interesting things to tell you. He sells only the Common Material drops from mages you’ve killed.

It is currently unknown whether there are any ways to get the shop to update or whether there is anything else the Hydromancer can tell you about.

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