RuneScape Looks Ahead To New Features Coming In 2021, Including Reworked Avatars

RuneScape has big plans for 2021, and while there’s a lot Jagex is keeping under wraps, it revealed a few pieces of the plan in its 2020 Wintumber Letter.

Mod Warden’s letter began by looking back on this past year, noting it was one of the best years for RuneScape in recent memory. Between a record number of players, launching on Steam, and raising money for charity, 2020 was an action-packed year for the MMO.

And while 2020 was big for RuneScape, 2021 is shaping up to be even bigger. The team has already teased some big festivities set to take place in January – celebrating the game’s 20th anniversary – but now we’ve got a few more details as to what will be added to Gielinor in the coming months.

First up – the RuneScape team is growing. Mod Warden mentioned “we’re substantially growing the RuneScape Team over the coming months to up our capabilities and continue delivering a fantastic mix of monthly headline content drops, great holiday events, Yak Tracks, and bi-monthly Ninja Strikes.” Better yet, Elder God Wars is expected to become a “dominant story arc throughout the year,” giving you a variety of ways to engage with the age-old tale.

The biggest change, however, is a complete overhaul of the player avatar system. “Over the next year, we will start a journey to deliver an evolving series of improvements to how the World Guardian is represented in-game,” wrote Mod Warden. “This is a very complex project with many steps, and we’ll be involving you regularly throughout development as we work to get the look of the avatar just right.” Expect to hear more in the early months of 2021.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on RuneScape Mobile, giving you access to all the same content you have on your PC. While it might be difficult to tackle some of the more challenging end-game content, it should provide you with an easy way to knock out some AFK skilling while watching TV or commuting to work.

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