RuneScape Gives Update On Server Login Issues, Says The "Investigation Is Complete"

Late last week, many RuneScape players experienced issues logging into the popular MMO. Jagex spent the entire weekend working on a fix, and today announced that the investigation is complete. Moving forward, the team is focused on a solution to get all affected players back into Gielinor.

Mod Warden made the announcement today on the official RuneScape website, providing a detailed look at the next steps for the team.

“Now our investigation is complete, our focus moves to solution-phase and get those affected back in-game as soon as possible. As things stand, all Old School players and more than 99% of RuneScape accounts remain unaffected. While most of you are now back playing as normal, we will not rest until all of you are back in-game.”

Affected players will be relieved to know that Mod Warden also mentioned that all accounts are safe, although there are some “data gaps” between February 8 and March 4 that may impact some profiles.

Thankfully, the team is confident in their upcoming solution. Mod Warden described the fix as a “complicated beast,” but hopes to fill in some of those data gaps using telemetry data. In the meantime, a few accounts will need to be locked out until the fix is made.

The work is expected to last the majority of this week, although a further timeline was not provided.

Mod Warden ends the announcement by thanking the community for their patience and reiterating the team’s commitment to making things right.

“Finally, there is nothing else we can say but thank you again for your patience. We understand how frustrating this must be to those affected. Our top priority remains getting accounts back in-game. We are also committed to making improvements in our processes to prevent this happening again in the future.”

RuneScape servers have been notoriously reliable over the past 20 years, so a few days of downtime for a small portion of players is far from the worst thing that could have happened to its trusty old servers.

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