Rune 2: Decapitation Edition Launching On Steam This November

After one of the strangest development cycles in all of gaming, Rune 2 – rebranded as Rune 2: Decapitation Edition – is finally hitting Steam on November 13. Abandoned by its previous developer and left for dead, the new team at Studio 369 inherited a game that was in shambles. The title set to release next month is a “re-envisioned story of betrayal, rebirth and revenge.”

Rune 2: Decapitation Edition is an action-RPG that’s tailormade for cooperative play. You’ll step into the shoes of a Viking warrior in Midgard, fighting their way through hordes of enemies until their final confrontation with Loki.

Anyone who plays the game on Steam will get the exclusive Dragon Armor – it’s only available for a limited time, although no end date is given by Studio 369.

Inspired by the classic levels from the original Rune, Rune 2 features dungeons that “will challenge the most hardened Viking warriors as they encounter a gauntlet of enemies, challenging platform sequences, and vile monster bosses.” When you’re not taking part in violent battles, you’ll be able to rebuild the land of Midgard by gathering resources to craft forges, longhouses, and various other buildings for the local villagers to use.

While Rune 2 is hoping to be a violently fun outing on your own, you can always have a few friends join in on the fun using its online multiplayer mode. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously – the latest press release reads, “In this journey to open the ultimate can of whoopass on Loki and save Midgard, you’ll need wicked weapons, raucous friends, and lots and lots of mead,” – and it’s sure to be all the more enjoyable with a few bloodthirsty friends by your side.

The original Rune released in 2001 and was developed by Human Head Studios. That same company began work on Rune 2, only to abandon it when several key employees were hired by Bethesda. The whole thing was a bit of a mess, but it looks like Studio 369 managed to pull the pieces back together and craft a worthy successor to the original hit game.

Rune 2: Decapitation Edition will be coming to Steam on November 13.

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