Rogue Company: Character Tier List

One of the newest class based competitive multiplayer games to hit the scene is third person shooter Rogue Company. Taking inspiration from other hero shooter type games where each character comes with unique stats and skills, like Overwatch or Valorant, all the Rogues have their own strengths and weaknesses to learn. With so many to pick from, it will take a while if you want to experiment with them all to find the ones that rise above the rest. Rather than spend time trying out Rogues that have already been put at the bottom of the meta, check out our character tier list and start off on the right foot.

Rogue Company Tier List

The current version of the game has 14 total Rogues to choose from, but as a game that is planned to evolve over time, there will be new Rogues added to this list, as well as balance changes and tweaks that can influence this ranking in the future. For now, however, there’s a clear distinction between which Rogues are the best and which should be forgotten.

Top Tier Rogues

Lancer has one of the highest killing potentials of all the Rogues in the game if you can maximize her Quick and Quiet ability. This boosts her movement speed, quiets her footsteps, and makes her immune to reveals for a short time. This combination makes her perfect for rushing in and ambushing enemies before they know what’s happening.

Backing up that sneaky skill is her high rate of fire SMG and shotgun, plus a sticky grenade if you get behind a team grouped up. Her passive skill, Elusive, also automatically reloads your equipped weapon during a dodge roll so you can dish out even more damage.

Scorch is just as deadly, though more of a risk vs reward type character because of her Overheat ability. This is arguably the best ability in the game, and causes her bullets and melee attack to set enemies on fire, but needs to be activated at the right times to be truly effective.

Her SMG is decent, but really shreds with Overheat active, plus having some fire grenades and an immunity to flames herself, and she’s a natural rushdown character.

The last top Tier Rogue to experiment with is Chaac primarily for his survivability. This makes him best for new players, though can’t quite keep up with the more offensive focused Rogues like Scorch and Lancer at high levels. His two guns are great, especially his shotgun, but his Stim Pack ability boosts his HP beyond normal limits to either make an aggressive play, or escape a losing fight alive.

Chaac’s passive, Grit, also makes him annoying to eliminate since it allows you to dodge roll and recover health while downed. Plus you can pick yourself back up and not have to worry about a teammate reaching you to get the revive.

High/Mid Tier Rogues

Ronin is a nice jack of all trades type character that can be a decent addition to any team. She has a deadly Ballistic Knife that acts as a proximity mine which is great for damage, but also to signal the location of enemies making it applicable in defensive and offensive scenarios. Or, if you’re skilled enough, chuck it directly into an enemy for even more killing power

Dima is packing two great weapons that make him very deadly at mid range. His ability allows him to deal even more damage with his MIRV Launcher that shoots high damage grenades. This is an amazing synergy with his passive, Burned, that shows the entire team any enemy he downs for a limited time.

Dhalia might be labelled as a support class, but the strength of her weapons and ability certainly paint a different picture. Danger Close links her with one other teammate and allows her to revive them if they do down as long as they are within 30 meters. What really makes her shine, though, is her passive which grants her the passive of whatever Rogue she is linked with. This Kirby-esque power opens up a ton of potential for this character.

Saint is another support type, focusing on revival as well, but this time using his Revive Drone to do the job. Just being able to revive without putting yourself in danger makes him a popular pick.

Dallas is just above the mid/low tier due to his killing power. His guns are great, plus he holds some incendiary grenades, but his entire kit is one big synergy. His ability lets him see whatever enemy is closest to him, and his passive makes any damage he deals recharge his ability even quicker. Couple those with his weapons and he can be a steamroller in the right hands.

Mid/Low Tier Rogues

Vy does have a lot of potential as a character, but her biggest asset, her Vile Poison, just isn’t as effective in enough situations. Plus, due to not great weapons, she really relies on the Leeching Poison to buff her max HP, and the poison itself draining the enemy’s, to be any use in a gunfight.

Anvil is fantastic, but only in the one circumstance he’s built for, which is defense. His shield is obviously good for setting up defensive positions, but can also be used to completely block pathways by clogging up doors or hallways. However, any players familiar enough with the game will easily be able to circumvent his greatest asset.

Phantom is the obligatory sniper class in Rogue Company, and doesn’t do much unique in that regard. So, yes, if you’re good enough to capitalize on her ability to down an enemy with a single headshot then she could be considered high tier. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case for most players, and even then she isn’t all that useful for anything other than killing. Her Nano Smoke is nice for revealing enemies, but doesn’t particularly synergize with her long range playstyle.

Talon‘s ability is actually fairly similar to Phantom’s, only is a thrown device that pings enemy location on your radar. His Mag Gloves allow him to pick up some better weapons from safety, but in general he’s more about intel than anything else. He’s best on a coordinated team where those radar pings will go to use, otherwise they just go to waste.

Low Tier Rogues

At the bottom of the barrel, Trench is just not useful enough in most situations to be a good pick. He’s decent as a defender with his barbed Wire Grenade ability and extra gadget from Gadget Up, but these aren’t worth much in other game modes. His gun isn’t bad, but without a versatile skill he falls short.

Gl1tch is the newest Rogue added to the game, so perhaps an unknown meta with him will show up, but for now he’s just not all that useful. Being able to see enemies through walls via his Hack ability might seem great in theory, but because it can only be used once per round, and disabled by an EMP grenade, isn’t as powerful as it needs to be.

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