Rockstar Games founder Dan Houser forms new games company

Over a year after leaving Rockstar Games, Dan Houser has started setting up a new studio in the UK.

In February 2020, it was announced that Dan Houser, one of the co-founders of Rockstar Games and writer for the Grand Theft Auto games, would be leaving the studio after 20+ years.

At the time, it was unclear if Houser intended to even continue working in the games industry. Turns out he is though as it has been discovered, courtesy of French outlet Rockstar Mag, that he registered a new company here in the UK only last week.

According to a listing at Companies House (the UK’s registrar of companies), a company called Absurd Ventures in Gaming was incorporated on June 23. While it isn’t listed as a game development studio, the nature of business section mentions ‘ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software development.’

Given Houser’s prior experience, it’s easy to assume that it would be a new game studio, but Houser himself has yet to make any sort of official announcement.

VGC also reports that Houser registered another company called Absurd Ventures LLC, as well as Absurd Ventures in Gaming, in the US on February 17, 2021.

This could mean Houser is planning to expand the operation beyond video games. On the GTA Forums, some users speculate that it will be an investment or holdings company instead.

While it’s obviously too soon to tell, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Houser set up a new studio, just as Leslie Benzies, the former president of Rockstar North, did.

He announced his new company, Build A Rocket Boy Games, in 2018, with its first project to be an open world game called Everywhere. However, there has been little news about it since then.

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