Rockstar buys Crackdown 2 developer after working on secret projects

Scottish developer Ruffian Games has been working on unannounced games for Rockstar and have now been renamed as Rockstar Dundee.

The last time one games company bought another it was big news, but Rockstar likes to do things a little more quietly than Microsoft and Bethesda – as fans only found out they bought Ruffian Games by checking legal records.

An eagle-eyed fan on Twitter discovered that not only did Rockstar parent company Take-Two acquire control of Ruffian on October 1 but they renamed them to Rockstar Dundee on October 6.

None of this was mentioned in public but looking through listings on The Scottish Games Network it turns out that Ruffin has been working on ‘upcoming titles’ for Rockstar, with ultra-vague references to ‘multiplayer action games’.

There have been rumours of a new L.A. Noire, and just about every other existing Rockstar franchise, but there’s never been any real proof.

Ruffian Games was established in 2009 by veterans from DMA Design (the original name of GTA developer Rockstar North) and RealTime Worlds (the studios founded by GTA creator David Jones) so they’ve always had a close relationship with Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto.

Their only notable game release though is the much-hated Crackdown 2 and they found greater success helping Microsoft out with various Kinect titles and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Ruffian also had a technical support role on Crackdown 3’s multiplayer mode, which could well be the sort of thing Rockstar is planning for them – rather than working on a single game of their own.

Modern Rockstar games are created by multiple different studios and it’s likely that Ruffian will become just one among many working on major projects.

It’s certainly possible they may be pulled in to help with the next gen versions of GTA 5, and the rumoured new version of Red Dead Redemption 2, which is something they have experience doing with The Master Chief Collection.

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