Rocket League: A Guide To Understanding Rotations

A rotation, simply put, is adjusting your position based on that of the other players on your team in Rocket League. If a line were drawn over the field where your car moved in its rotation, it would look as if you were drawing a ton of circles. It might seem strange, but it is so much better than ball chasing as it allows your team to spread the field.

These might not seem like a necessary skill to have, although it will take your gameplay to the next level as it ensures that the goal is never left wide open. It will also create better scoring opportunities for your team and is the best way to move up ranks in Rocket League!

6 Offensive Rotations

Offensive rotations usually involve three different playstyles and positionings known as the passer, shooter, and help. If you are playing duos then the help will be negated and its responsibilities split between the two players instead. Every player has an exit rotation which means that once they complete their offensive job, then they should rotate back toward their goal and start the process all over again.

5 The Passer

The passer is the one who will push the ball up the field, usually along the wall, and they can either take a shot on goal, if they want to be the MVP, or pass it across the middle. Once the pass is made they should rotate back toward their own goal to prepare for the opponent to clear the ball back down the field.

4 The Shooter

The shooter will be pushing up the middle but lagging a little behind the passer, and there are plenty of memes depicting this. They will be ready to put pressure on the goal to either put the pass in the goal or ensure that a blocked shot remains on that end of the field.

3 The Help

The help is basically the last resort and is there to serve whatever purpose is necessary, For instance, if the shooter misses the shot or it was a bit too far behind them then the help can rush forward to finish the ball.

The other reason they are back there is in case the opponent has an amazing clear that doubles as a shot on goal they can be there to save it, or if the passer doesn’t quite understand rotations.

2 Defensive Rotations

Defensive rotations are fairly simple compared to offensive rotations, as every player follows the same path. You have one player who pushes the ball and then the other two players each take a goal post with their unique cars. It creates a three-later defense system so nothing can sneak by your team even if one person happens to miss the ball.

1 Tips To Keep In Mind

The key thing to remember, especially when playing with beginners who don’t understand rotations, is to spread the field. If all three cars are on the same side of the field then it leaves plenty of wide-open space for your opponent to score or drive the ball downfield.

Keep in mind your positioning and make adjustments based on where your teammates are located, but this will also come in time as you learn how to play with those around you.

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