Roblox First-Person Shooter Goes Viral Thanks To Its Realistic Graphics

Roblox is about to get a game that might challenge its E for Everyone rating. It’s got guns, violence, hyper realistic backgrounds, and blood spatter screens to indicate when you’re about to get killed, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen on the platform.

It’s called Frontlines, and it’s a military-style shooter made on Roblox. The game seems to share a lot of its DNA with popular shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield, with the one trailer revealing a team deathmatch format. Although everyone is still a Roblox avatar, Frontlines takes a marked departure from the cartoonish aesthetic of Roblox with realistic-looking guns, sound effects, and terrain.

The game comes courtesy of Studio Maximillian, which has been teasing Frontlines on social media for the past couple of weeks. First, it was just pictures of levels, but most recently it was a brief video of actual gameplay. It looks fairly basic, with players able to run and shoot, a radar in the upper left, and a killcam to show players what did them in, but it's still far beyond anything we've ever seen come out of Roblox.

I don't think this will necessarily replace Warzone, but it'll probably convince a few kids to stick around rather than jump to the latest Call of Duty release.

Roblox is a massive platform with over 45 million daily users and annual revenue reaching almost $2 billion in 2021. Most of that revenue is generated by users that create content to add to Roblox's platform. At that size, you can have entire studios doing nothing but making games for Roblox, like Maximillian here.

However, Roblox is also a platform with problems. Past reports accuse Roblox of exploiting underage labor and failing to protect children from abuse. A recent report from the BBC also accused Roblox of having difficulty keeping sex off its platform.

And now with a game like Frontlines, it might also have to make bigger warnings of mature content in its games.

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