Ripwave Racing Cures Your Appetite For Arcade Speed Boats

Arcade racing games weren’t just confined to the road. Some boasted fun on the water too, like Hydro Thunder, as you frantically followed the fast-approaching red arrows whilst trying not to let the power of acceleration flip you over. Here to ignite those nostalgic memories is indie racer Ripwave Racing, which has you speeding through old-school graphics.

Just looking at Ripwave Racing’s gameplay stills is enough to take you back to the good old days, presenting colorful racing in polygon form. The red arrows have returned too, decorating the side of cliff faces as you weave down river through lush scenery. Your AI competitors are back to ruin your smooth drifting once again too, but the thrill of boat bashing or narrowly skimming past your opponent will never get old either.

Created by developer Oakleaff, Ripwave Racing sports some addictive gameplay which sticks just as much as its catchy title. Built using GameMaker Studio 2.3, the racer offers three game modes to perfect your hydro cruising. Race mode presents the classic challenge of racing against CPU opponents in an attempt to finish first – Ripwave Racer removes the time limit, however. Arcade mode casts your gameplay back to the genre’s retro roots and reintroduces classic time attacks and checkpoints. Lastly, the Time Trial mode offers a state of free racing without the stress of opponents or time limits, for you to try and beat your personal best in the open water.

Ripwave Racing is currently in its alpha demo that has been met with positive reviews for its nostalgic novelty. In addition to the three game modes, four difficultly settings can also be tailored to your skill level and the alpha currently holds five boats for you to choose from. The developer has highlighted all the components to consider before choosing your desired boat – much like Mario Kart – including stability, handling, and acceleration.

Now for something completely different, as intense racer Nerve threatens to contest the difficulty of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. While Ripwave Racer – and other arcade games of that ilk – have their share of difficulties, Nerve seems to take that to a whole new level. Reading the track has never been more challenging, especially with trippy visuals to distract you.

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