Returnal Stats Reveal The Game’s First Boss Has Caused The Most Player Deaths

Housemarque has released some Returnal stats, and they reveal that the most player deaths were caused by Phrike, the game’s first boss.

To celebrate a month since Returnal’s launch, Housemarque took to Twitter to share some player stats with the community. There are some pretty fun reveals, but the most interesting is that the game’s first boss is the cause of the most player deaths.

Phrike is Returnal’s first boss and is known for being the game’s first major difficulty spike in a game that’s notorious for its difficulty. Once you beat Phrike, you technically don’t have to fight them again, so this stat shows that many players had a lot of difficulty getting past the game’s first biome.

The stats also reveal some other interesting Returnal stats, including that there have been over 9 million player deaths and nearly 5 and a half million logged hours into the game. Returnal players seem to be getting revenge on Atropos though, as they’ve managed to kill over 1000 million enemies.

It’s interesting to note that the Returnal stats also reveal that the Hollowseeker is the game’s most popular weapon, which is surprising considering how early on in the game you can get it. The Returnal community has revered it as being especially powerful when you’ve got the lightning alt-fire though.

These stats seem to imply that many of the game’s players aren’t making it too far past the game’s first two biomes, with most players dying at the hands of Phrike and also preferring the Hollowseeker, an early-game weapon. The Hollowseeker’s appearance on the stats here could just be indicative of its power and popularity though, and it’s important to remember that a lot of Returnal is randomly generated, which could affect the stats.

One stat that’s missing from the sheet that would be interesting to see is how many players have actually beat the game after starting it. Considering so many seem to have been taken down by Phrike, chances are that the stat is a pretty low one.

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