Respawn Never Had Plans To Add Titans To Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed to TheGamer in a new interview that despite being set in the Titanfall universe, adding Titans to Apex Legends was never on the cards.

There have been multiple hints from dataminers in the past that Titans would be added to the game, and the upcoming Season 9: Legacy has more Titanfall references and characters appear in Apex Legends than ever before, but that still does not mean you’ll be seeing the battle mechs in the Battle Royale.

In our new interview with Respawn Entertainment, lead game designer Daniel Klein responded to our questions about the potential of Titans within Apex Legends.

Valkyrie‘s abilities are very similar to those of the Northstar Titan, which is of course piloted by her father, Viper. Were there, at any point, plans to put a Titan into the game?

[DK] “No, never. Apex is built from the ground up for human-scale combat. That includes weapons, abilities, maps – you would have to redesign the game from scratch to accommodate Titans.”

This shut down will feel like a devastating blow to all of the Apex Legends fans that have been praying for the Battle Royale to feel more and more like Titanfall. We did also ask Respawn Entertainment if Season 9: Legacy’s ties to Titanfall meant that we were unlikely to see a Titanfall 3, but unfortunately the team declined to comment on anything other than Apex Legends.

No Titans in Apex Legends is a shame for some fans, but the reasoning is sound, and the upcoming Legend Valkyrie also takes some inspirations from Titanfall 2’s Northstar Titan. Valkyrie comes with the ability to hover in the air, and launches a cluster missile barrage that will look very familiar to Titanfall 2 fans. Ash is back too, and we’ve got a breakdown of her role in Apex Legends so far right here.

Make sure to read our full interview with Respawn Entertainment for all of the details. Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy launches on May 4.

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