Resident Evil Village: How To Start NG+

Like every other Resident Evil title before it, Resident Evil Village encourages multiple playthroughs. One of the ways it encourages players to do this is with NG+, which returns in the latest game.

Players will unlock NG+ in Resident Evil Village upon completing the game for the first time and sitting through the credits. The mode allows players to carry over their weapons, currencies, treasures, challenges and upgrades to a new playthrough. It’s pretty much every item except for the keys that are carried over, which isn’t surprising as they’re a required part of progression.

How To Start NG+ In Resident Evil Village

  • Complete the game for the first time to unlock a “Completed Data” file
  • Select “Load Game” at the main menu
  • Select your completed data file
  • Select the difficulty level you want to start NG+ in
  • Reach the village to gain access to your weapons and items

It’s worth noting that beating the game for the first time will also give players access to the Village of Horrors difficulty level. This is the equivalent of the Madhouse difficulty from Resident Evil 7 as it changes enemy and item placement, checkpoints and the health of bosses. Both modes will be putting high-level enemies in early-game sections, so be prepared.

It’s recommended to give the hardest difficulty level a go on NG+ to give you access to your weapons as soon as possible. Players with the “Trauma Pack” DLC can actually gain access to this mode from the get-go, although its difficulty means it’s going to be a big task.

If you’re playing through Resident Evil Village right now, we’ve put together a full walkthrough of the game that will take you from the opening moments in the village, all the way through to Castle Dimitrescu. We’ve also got guides for each of the game’s boss battles, as well as some explaining the game’s mechanics. If you’re not certain about playing Resident Evil Village yet, check out our review where we called it, “a bold homage to the 2005 classic”.

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