Resident Evil 7: Every Treasure Photo Location & Their Reward

Exploration has always played a key role in Resident Evil. Since the PlayStation original, Capcom’s premiere survival horror franchise has balanced intricate level design with gameplay that juggles puzzle solving, gunplay, and a healthy dose of adventure. Resident Evil 7 notably brings the series back to its humble origins, settling on a setting that’s fresh (while still evocative of the Spencer Mansion from the first Resident Evil) and full of secrets to uncover.

While there are a number of unlockables to get your hands on in Resident Evil 7, one of the story’s main side quests has Ethan scavenging all over the Baker property to locate hidden treasure. Three Treasure Photos can be found scattered throughout Resident Evil 7 and all of them offer useful rewards players won’t want to miss. Ignoring the Treasure questline is one of the worst things first time players can do in Resident Evil 7.

Photo In The Processing Area

The first Treasure Photo can be found in the Main House’s basement. The Processing Area is the first time players will come face to face with Molded, so any players who aren’t backtracking for the Photo should be mindful. The Treasure Photo is deep within the Processing Area, placed on a shelf in the northwest corner of the Meat Storage (right by where the Scorpion Key is).

The Photo shows a picture of a fireplace with a trick rock built in. While players will likely have spotted this fireplace when they were exploring the Main House on their own, Ethan can’t actually interact with the treasure spot unless he’s seen the Treasure Photo beforehand. Head on up to the Main House to claim your treasure.

Drawing Room Treasure

Now back in the Main House, it’s time to find the treasure. The fireplace is in the Drawing Room and can’t be missed. From the Safe Room in the Study, cut through the Monitoring Room and Small Workshop to get back to the Drawing Room. Examine the fireplace to remove the stone and gain access to Steroids.

Unique to Resident Evil 7, Steroids fully heal Ethan while also increasing his max health for the rest of the game. There are four Steroids hidden throughout the game, all of which are worth tracking down for their added health buff. As far as treasure goes, Steroids are a great early reward.

Photo In The Old House

The next Treasure Photo won’t be available until after Ethan leaves the Main House for the first time. More specifically, the second Treasure Photo is on the stairwell of the Old House right by the Greenhouse (where Mutated Marguerite is fought). Pick the Treasure Photo off the railing to examine it.

Unlike the first Treasure Photo which showed off the fireplace (a very distinguishable landmark players will have made note of), the second simply shows a toilet. Observant players who took their time in Zoe’s Trailer will have noticed her bathroom, however. From the Old House, head on back to the Yard.

Zoe’s Trailer Treasure

In reality, the treasure in Zoe’s Trailer isn’t meant to be some big secret on Resident Evil 7’s part, but a way of teasing one of the game’s most powerful weapons: the Magnum. Check inside of her trailer toilet to pick up three Magnum Rounds. The Magnum can be found locked inside of a birdcage in Zoe’s Trailer. Unlocking the weapon requires 9 Antique Coins – the exact amount players can find by the time they first reach the Trailer if they explore everywhere.

The Magnum is incredibly powerful, but its ammunition is also quite rare. As a result, it’s best advised to save Magnum ammo for either boss fights or Fat Molded encounters later on in the game. The Magnum comes especially in handy during the Salt Mines, but is far from necessary for completion. First time players are better off spending their Antique Coins on Steroids and the Stabilizer.

Photo In Main House Storage

After clearing out the Old House and defeating Mutated Marguerite, Resident Evil 7 loops players back to the Main House so they can explore the rest of the estate. After fishing the Snake Key out of an officer’s throat in the basement, Ethan will be able to unlock both the Kid’s Room and the Master Bedroom on the second floor. Head on up and unlock the Master Bedroom. Ignore Granny Baker, head into Storage, and grab the photo off the stool.

Unlike the first two Treasure Photos, players won’t have visited this location beforehand. Showing a mannequin head wearing a hat on top of a rack. This treasure is actually found in the Testing Area locked behind the two Keycards Lucas makes Ethan find. Until then, stash away the Treasure Photo.

Testing Area Treasure

The nice thing about the Testing Area is that it’s in plain sight. As you walk through the second floor of the Testing Area, the mannequin head can be quickly identified. Interact with it to pick up the Repair Kit. There are only two Repair Kits in Resident Evil 7 and they’re both necessary for repairing the Broken Handgun and Broken Shotgun. If you haven’t grabbed the first Repair Kit already, it’s behind a metal sheet under the Main House porch. Repair whichever gun still needs fixing and be done with treasure hunting.

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