Resident Evil 4 VR: Every Dual-Wield Combo, Ranked

Resident Evil has had a brief, but interesting, excursion into the world of virtual reality. Resident Evil 7 was developed with PlayStation VR in mind, so it only makes sense that their next lap around the block would be centered around the ever-popular Resident Evil 4. This titular entry in the series has been remade from the ground up for VR lovers to explore and complete, for the dozenth time.

Sporting new locomotion methods, a first-person view, and an interactive environment, Resident Evil 4 VR brings a few other new features to the table. Dual-wielding allows you to take multiple items from Leon and place them in your hands. Between his knife, grenades, and expanding arsenal of weapons, Leon has quite a few options to choose from. Here is every dual-wield combination in Resident Evil 4 VR, ranked.

8 Knife And Pistols

This is a tried-and-true combination that makes a shocking amount of sense. Cue flashbacks to Modern Warfare and the tactical knife attachment. The tactical knife is what you can expect to get here. Pistols only require one hand for effective use, so you might as well fill that spare hand up with something useful.

Stunning enemies with your pistol while being fully prepared to slash them with your knife will make your damage output more effective and save you ammo.

7 Knife And Shotguns

Depending on what shotgun you have, this could be a chore of a combination. The basic shotgun and Riot Gun need to be cocked after each shot. This means you have one chance to knock down your enemies and knife what remains before giving up this tactic to reload.

The Striker shotgun opens up the possibilities of this combination, because it can be shot with one hand and cycles rounds automatically. Since shotguns are most effective at knocking enemies over, clearing shields, and removing pieces of armor, there is a heavy reliance on the knife to clean up the leftovers.

6 Knife And TMP

While the TMP has higher accuracy with two hands, it is perfectly viable as a one-handed weapon, especially in close encounters. As with most combinations, you will have to focus on using one weapon well, with the other acting as a backup.

Depending on how many resources you expect to receive from fallen foes, the TMP and knife combination excels at temporarily stunning enemies — which allows you to breeze by without wasting ammunition.

5 Shotgun and Pistol

This is a very strong contender, and a one-off combination that can help you get rid of mid-tier enemies. The single blast you will be able to use from your shotgun can clear shields, helmets, and other pieces of armor to expose a critical area. The pistol can hit those places to deal extra damage, and hopefully finish off those awfully loud villagers. The drawback to this spicy combination is the need to cock the shotgun after each shot.

Unique to the VR iteration, you can throw your weapons and have them zip back to your inventory slots. Pull a Neo and toss your pistol in the air and reload that shotgun in a flash, snatching your pistol out of the air, prepped and reloaded to take on the next foe.

4 TMP and Pistol

This is the up-close-and-personal dual-wield combination that changes the game. It's the first set that truly shines, making Leon feel like the powerhouse he has been shown to be. The TMP is used in conjunction with the pistol to barrel-stuff those pesky villagers.

The lower accuracy from the TMP will not matter as much if you can get close enough to unleash a barrage on your enemies. They’ll be perpetually stunned and die extremely quickly, thanks to some potentially hefty magazine sizes on the TMP and pistols.

3 Sniper and Knife

The sniper is one of the more deceptive weapons that excels at close-range combat. Thanks to the new VR locomotion and aiming system, you can walk up to most enemies and point the sniper barrel directly at their heads.

Nearly every enemy will have their head explode in a sort of satisfactory crunch typically found in the Gears of War series. The knife is simply a backup if you find yourself out of ammo or missing a random shot.

2 Sniper and Pistol

The sniper and pistol — Barrel Stuffing 2: Electric Boogaloo. Most enemies will fall with one sniper shot to the dome, which removes the need for the pistol at all. For bosses and larger enemies, the sniper and pistol can be used in conjunction to damage critical points, ending the fight before it has even really begun.

Thanks to the large magazines and automatic cycling that the semi-auto sniper and pistol do, you won’t have to worry about reloading in the middle of a fight.

1 PRL 412 Beats Everything

Typically, the PRL requires both of Leon’s hands to use. In the VR iteration, you can wield it like a Mega Man buster, with a knife, pistol, grenade, or literally anything else to round out the combination. You won’t need anything else either.

The PRL 412 is the strongest weapon in the game, can easily break all the barrels and boxes in sight, and has unlimited ammo. If you pull off completing the game on Pro difficulty, this is an apt reward that makes Resident Evil 4 in VR that much more satisfying.

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