Remnant From The Ashes: How To Find The Drifter Armor Set

Some armor is straight forward and easy to find in Remnant: From The Ashes while others are hidden. There is an armor set hidden at the very beginning of the game that a lot of people might not have found.

It’s as easy as smashing everything you see and crouching around. The Drifter’s armor set is a scrappy looking piece of armor that provides a damage buff and a cooler look when you have yet to get any other armor.


Whether you just started the game or have already finished it, you need to go back to Earth. The way to the armor set will be directly inside the Founder’s Hideout. This is the first place you spawned out of the ward for and where you find the first few traces of Founder Ford via notes and letters.

From any checkpoint, teleport to Founder’s Hideout on Earth. Once you leave the Earth checkpoint and walk up the metal stairs, you will find the hideout. Here there will be a key card on the table if you haven’t gotten it already along with a note. To the very left will be a bookcase beside the board on the wall with papers on it. Smash this bookcase by either rolling into it or melee attacking it. There will be a hole behind it, crouch inside it and go up the stairs.


This is the true secret hideout. There will be a room up top with boxes to break if you want extra scrap, a journal to read, and the Drifter’s armor set on a stand deeper in the room.

The journal provides entries Founder Ford has written about his journey and his entire family. It’s here you learn that Ford has lost his family if not to distance and hurt feelings then to the Root. Deeper inside, to the right of the room or behind you as you’re reading the journal will be the armor set.

Armor Set

The armor set’s description is as follows: Sprinting for 1s, Evading, or Sliding adds 1 stack of Inertia. Inertia stacks increase Ranged and Melee damage. Max 5 stacks. Lasts 10 seconds. Increases Stamina Regen by 15 per second.

Wearing the entire armor set will increase your overall damage by a total of 5% per stack. This means a 25% damage boost for both guns and melee weapons. Your stacks will show underneath your health and stamina bar as a red and white icon with the total number of current stacks beside it. Drifter’s armor acts as a general boost for your damage and stamina when you’re at the beginning stages of the game.

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