Redditor Pulls Off Ultimate Action Hero Move In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has only been out for about a day, but players are already pulling off some unbelievably cool plays. One player, u/Jaxterminator on Reddit, posted his clip of high-speed collision that looks like something straight out of a Hollywood movie.

In the clip, Jaxterminator first nails an expert kill from the roof of a highrise building. Jaxterminator’s skills and perception are on full display right from the start as he silently tracks an enemy on the ground before lining up the red dot sights of his rifle and eliminating his opponent in less than a second. Jax reloads briefly before dismounting the building and parachuting down to the ground to inspect the loot dropped by his enemy, and that’s where things quickly take a dramatic turn.

No sooner does Jaxterminator finish looting than another hostile driving an SUV comes ripping through a nearby canal. Of all the vehicles in Warzone, the SUV is considered to be one of the least capable offroad, but you wouldn’t know it from this clip. The driver of the SUV whips the vehicle effortlessly through the canal, making a B-line for Jaxterminator on the other side.

Jax, unsure what to do or if the driver even sees him, takes a few steps towards the canal. He seems to be in shock, not even aiming his weapon at the driver as he comes barreling towards our hero. Jaxterminator tries to jump away at the last minute but to no avail. The SUV smashes into Jaxterminator, incapacitating him and trapping his helpless body on the hood of the car.

Like something out of a horror movie, the driver of the SUV continues pushing the pedal to the metal despite Jaxterminator writhing in pain on the hood of the car. The vehicle dips back into the canal and continues on its bloody path, no look of concern from the driver whatsoever.

Jaxterminator, always quick to react, uses a self-revive syringe to pick himself back up. As he rises to his feet on the hood of the speeding car, he takes the only opportunity he has to aim his rifle and take sweet revenge on the reckless driver. Jaxterminator unloads his magazine into the enemy, incapacitating him and forcing him out of the car. As the now driverless car slows to a stop, Jaxterminator runs up over the hood and jumps onto the ground right in front of the now fatally wounded driver. Without hesitation, Jax unloads his rifle into the enemy, eliminating him from the game.

It’s a thrilling sequence, no doubt, and highlights the potential Call of Duty: Warzone has to produce thrilling and unpredictable action movie moments. Next time, Jaxterminator may remember to shoot first, ask questions later.

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