Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Will Debut New Footage At Gamescom

Sony’s incredibly impressive-looking Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will be getting a new trailer at gamescom 2020. Industry pundit Geoff Keighley confirmed the news on Twitter and mentioned that this will be a world premiere demo for Insomniac’s long-awaited sequel.

James Stevenson, community director at Insomniac, corroborated the news and stated this won’t be a cutdown version like seen during the PS5 reveal event. This is going to be more than a few minutes and will function pretty similarly to an E3 demo walkthrough.

The demo will likely start in the same section as the previous one, but we’ll be seeing more than just technology and promises. I’m very curious about how those portals to other dimensions will work. I’ve been speculating that the new SSD tech has allowed near-instantaneous load times, so it could make for dramatic and exciting action sequences.

Following the demo, a Q&A session will be held between Keighley and members of the dev team. They’ll be chatting about the new characters (including the Lady Lombax) and how Insomniac was able to create a new vision for Ratchet & Clank thanks to the power of the PS5. It’s maybe a bit of marketing fluff, but it should make for an interesting session.

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