Raft: Every Food Recipe In The Game & How To Make It

Raft brings a new flavor to the survival genre by literally starting the player off in the middle of the ocean. Most of the land has now sunk into the sea, and humans have switched their survival style up in order to thrive. The player starts off on a tiny raft that is floating in the middle of a stream of garbage. By gathering up wood, plastic, and fiber, they can craft a nice home and even a way to cook.

Cooking is an essential part of the game, but many players get stuck on trying to grill fish or fowl instead of making recipes that offer better stats.

Catfish Deluxe

The Catfish Deluxe can be made using the cooking pot and can be stacked in sets of 5. The recipe makes exactly 210 seconds to cook, makes two portions of food like most servings on the list, and gives the player plus ten hunger per serving. In addition, it gives a 40 point temporary bump to the hunger stat.

To make the dish, players will need to fish for a catfish, gather two beets, two potatoes, and add in one cave mushroom.

Coconut Chicken

Coconut Chicken is another easy to make recipe that doesn’t require expensive ingredients. This is another recipe that takes 210 seconds to cook, and it also gives a ten-point boost to hunger and a 40 point temporary boost to the hunger stat.

The recipe requires two raw drumsticks, a coconut, and one cave mushroom.

Drumstick With Jam

While it may sound complicated, this recipe doesn’t require players to process berries into jam. It takes 210 seconds to finish cooking and gives a 20 point boost to hunger, despite the fact that the ingredients are easier to gather. It also gives the 40 point bump to temporary hunger.

To make it, players need to gather two raw drumsticks and two red berries, which can be found on most small islands.

Fish Stew

Fish Stew isn’t a recipe that is going to be available at the beginning of the game. This is due to the fact that it takes milk, which can only be gathered from a goat. It also will require one egg, which will require the bird’s nest, two tilapia, and two mackerel.

The stew only takes 150 seconds to cook; it gives 15 hunger and 40 temporary hunger points.

Fruit Compote

This is a great dish to fix in the early hours of the game, as most of the ingredients can be found on small islands or grown on the raft. The recipe gives ten hunger, 20 temporary hunger, and 20 thirst points. It is made in a cooking pot and only takes 150 seconds to finish cooking.

To make it, players need to gather one watermelon, a pineapple, one portion of red berries, and a mango.

Head Broth

Head Broth is another recipe that won’t really be possible until the late game. It requires the player to use two poison-puffer heads, which will be acquired around large islands after defeating a poison-puffer enemy. The recipe also needs a bucket of milk and a raw potato.

It takes 210 seconds to cook, restores 20 hunger, and gives the regular 40 points temporary hunger bonus.

Mushroom Omelette

This is an easy dish that requires only a few simply to get ingredients. Mushroom Omelette restores 20 hunger, gives 35 temporary hunger points, and takes 210 seconds to finish cooking.

It requires one potato, two eggs, and a cave mushroom to make this recipe.

Salmon Salad

Salmon Salad is a mid-tier recipe that can be made once the player finds silver seaweed and has the recipe. The recipe restores 15 hunger, takes 210 seconds to cook, and gives 40 point points to the temporary hunger stat.

To make Salmon Salad, the player needs two pineapples, two mangos, one silver algae, which can be harvested with a hook, and a raw salmon.

Shark Dinner

This is a bit of a complicated dish, as it will require the player to kill the shark quite often in order to keep a stack ready. The dish gives 15 hunger points, takes 210 seconds to cook, gives a 40 point bonus to temporary hunger, and makes three portions.

To make Shark Dinner, players need two pieces of shark meat, a cave mushroom, and silver algae.

Simple Fish Stew

Simple Fish Stew is perfect for the player group that loves to spend a lot of time fishing in the game. The dish only takes 90 seconds to cook, restores 15 hunger, and gives a 25 point bonus to temporary hunger. The downside is that it only makes a single portion.

To make Simple Fish Stew, the player needs two raw pomfrets, two raw herring, two raw potatoes, and two raw beets.

Vegetable Soup

This is one of the beginner tier recipes and is great for players who are just starting out. It only takes 90 seconds to make, but like Simple Fish Stew will only give the player a single portion at a time. It gives the player 20 hunger points and 20 temporary hunger points.

The recipe requires the player to simply gather four beats and four potatoes.

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