PUBG Mobile Update Time: How to download 0.17.0 on iOS and Android?

Late last night PUBG Mobile developers Tencent shared their official patch notes for the games next big update.

PUBG Mobile Update version 0.17.0 should have already started rolling out to all players today, March 3, but as with any mobile update, sometimes it can take a little bit longer to reach your mobile.

Sometimes it's a little slower to reach players in certain countries, which can be a problem because you won't be able to play with your friends until you're all on the same version of the game.

Today's new update introduces plenty of new features to the game, including the return of ‘Hardcore Mode’ , a new Death Replay feature and much more besides.

It's also a preliminary update ahead of the release for season 12, which won't officially begin until March 9.

If you're sat waiting patiently and want to make sure you get today's new 0.17.0 update as soon as possible, read on, we'll show you how to update the game on your device of choice, be it iOS or Android.

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Manual Update for PUBG Mobile on iOS:

• Once you have pressed it from your home screen select Updates at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

• Then tap the Update All button at the top of the screen. Or you could scroll down to the PUBG app and decide only to update that one.

• Once you have decided you need to enter your password and click “Yes” to any alerts that pop up.

How to turn on Automatic Downloads?

• You could also turn on automatic downloads in your settings. This means you wouldn’t need to worry about keeping the app updated.

• Go to Settings, followed by Your Name and go to the iTunes & App Store page.

• Select PUBG Mobile and enable automatic downloads.

• You can then turn Automatic Downloads on or off by pressing the “Use Cellular Data” option.

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Manual Update for PUBG Mobile on Android:

• Click onto the Google Play Store App and go on the Menu, followed by My apps & games.

• Here you can do the same as above, either press “Update All” or select PUBG specifically to update it.

How to turn on Automatic Downloads?

• Go to the Google Play Store App, press Menu, My apps & Games and then select PUBG Mobile.

• Press the “More” button, which has three dots on it, and tick the box next to “Auto-update”.

• From now on PUBG Mobile will download updates automatically when they are available. If you no longer want automatic updates you can go back and disable the feature.

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