PS Plus November: First Class Trouble makes PS4 and PS5 free games reveal

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Sony hasn’t shared its full list of PS Plus free games for November, although a sneak preview hasn’t provided plenty of new information.

The first piece of official news is that a brand new game will be making its debut in November as part of PlayStation Plus.

The game is First Class Trouble and could provide the perfect way to prepare for Among Us in December.

That’s because First Class Trouble is a Hidden Identity Game that shares a lot in common with the popular InnerSloth title.

One of the big differences is that First Class is built in a 3D game world which pits humans against androids.

And the good news is that it will be available to download for free across PS4 and PS5 on November 2.

This will be the same time that Sony’s other PS Plus games go live, and it sounds like it will be a bumper crop.

According to a new and proven source, the November 2021 PS Plus games will include First Class Trouble, Knockout City and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners will reportedly be available on PSVR, alongside two unconfirmed virtual reality games.

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And as First Class Trouble has proven to be correct and included in next month’s PS Plus lineup, the others seem pretty certain to be true.

Here’s what we know so far about First Class Trouble and how the battle between Humans and AI will work on PS4 and PS5:


“At the beginning of each game, you’ll be randomly assigned the role of either Resident or Personoid. Residents are human passengers, and Personoids are mechanically engineered assistants whose programming has been overwritten.

“Although everyone plays together, you’ll have different objectives to complete depending on your role. Here you’ll have a crucial decision to make: collaborate or deceive?

“For Residents, your main goal is to shut down the rogue A.I. at the heart of the Alithea. To reach C.A.I.N., you’ll need to collect three keycards to progress to the next level deeper inside the ship.

“For Personoids, your main goal is simple: stop the Residents from succeeding at all costs. That means lying, tricking, and ultimately ridding the ship of those pesky humans. Despite the many potential perils in the game (and there are a lot), deception is arguably the most deadly weapon to wield in First Class Trouble. Who can you trust?”

During the State of Play event, Sony confirmed plans to make social deduction game First Class Trouble available for free. Unfortunately, however, the rest of the PS Plus line-up is yet to be announced.

It’s unclear when the reveal will happen, although there’s a good chance it will happen before October 30.

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