PS Plus March 2020: Great PS4 free game news ahead of new PlayStation release

The PS Plus March 2020 free games have been announced but they won’t be available to download and play for another week. The good news is that if you’re waiting around for them, there’s something just as good happening this weekend that’s available to everyone. That means if you’re a PlayStation Plus member or not, you can enjoy this latest free PS4 bonus from Sony.

As confirmed earlier this month, the final Nioh 2 open beta test is being held in the final days of the month.

The Nioh 2 release date has been set for March 13, 2020, meaning there won’t be much of a wait between this final beta and access to the full game.

As confirmed by the development team, the Nioh 2 open beta starts on Friday, February 28 at 12:00am PT (Midnight), and ends on Sunday, March 1 at 11:59pm PT.

These are the official times for the United States, meaning things will run a little differently in the UK.

For gamers in the UK, the trial will start at 8am GMT, and will end on March 2, at the same time.

The Nioh 2 beta will include three missions but will not allow testers to keep their progress after everything has finished.

A message from the development explains: “The demo for Nioh 2 showcases plenty of what’s new in this action sequel.


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“Detailed character customization is on display. Players can summon ferocious Yokai to assist in battle.

“You can also wield the deadly new Switchglaive – a wicked, scythe-like weapon that shifts forms on the fly

“The trial packs three missions for samurai to test their skills. Venture out Mount Tenno and face the deadly creatures waiting there with a variety of deadly weapons.

“Although your game progress may not transfer to the full game later, your created character’s appearance does! So pour as much time into crafting your samurai as you wish.

“Certain enemies shroud themself in the ki-sapping Dark Realm. Sometimes this manifests as a puddle-like aura emanating from a singular enemy.

“The effect slows ki regeneration to a crawl, but a well-timed Ki Pulse instantly dissipates this aura. In Nioh 2, some enemies cause entire rooms to be corrupted by the Dark Realm.

“Dispel the bad mojo by destroying that enemy. The Dark Realm wrinkle can infuse the most average battle with new challenge, so don’t rest on our laurels.”

The Nioh 2 beta and final release are squeezed between the release of March’s PS Plus free games, which were confirmed today by Sony.

Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces will be available to download on PS4 consoles, starting on Tuesday, March 3.

They will remain available to keep for as long as you have an active PS Plus subscription but will need to be claimed by April 7, 2020.

And while exciting new games are coming, it should be noted that you can still download this month’s PS Plus games.

This includes Bioshock: The Collection, which boasts three first-person adventures, The Sims 4 and PS VR shooter, Firewall Zero Hour.

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