Project Wingman – Mission Guide, Recommended Planes, Weapons, And Tips

Welcome to Project Wingman. Please stow your luggage, find your seats, and buckle your safety belts as we prepare for takeoff into a full mission guide.

We’ve already covered some of the basics in our earlier guide which will take you through an easy or normal playthrough of Project Wingman’s 21-mission campaign. However, when things get hard or turn into the missile-hell of Mercenary difficulty, you’re going to need to know what’s coming. In this guide, we’re going to discuss each and every mission, some recommended loadouts, and what planes will make that mission easier to complete.

It’s going to be pretty much impossible to completely avoid spoilers, so if this is your first playthrough, consider going in blind. On the other hand, if you’d rather know whether or not a full rack of bombs is going to be useless against several squadrons of enemy fighters, well, we’re here to help.

22 But First, A Few Notable Aircraft

Not all planes in Project Wingman are built the same. Although all aircraft have their strengths, some are most definitely better than others. We’re going to take a look at a few of the cheaper aircraft here.

Pretty much all the Prototype-level planes are fantastic and you can’t go wrong with them, so I’m going to skip ’em. If you really scrimp, you might be able to afford a VX-23 before the end of the campaign. If you can afford it, great–buy it and use it for the rest of the game. If not, these are the affordable planes that will help you get through the campaign without breaking the bank.

F/E-4 – Probably your best first choice in aircraft. Decent speed and maneuverability, three slots for plenty of special weapons, and a good selection of those weapons too. The F/E-4 can handle pretty much everything Project Wingman throws at you.

SV-37 – One of the earliest planes you can purchase and also the first and fastest to feature the powerful ASM. Otherwise, it’s a mediocre choice, but still capable for a few missions we’ll mention later on.

SK.25U – For ground attack missions, it doesn’t get any better than the SK.25U. It carries more air-to-ground munitions than any other aircraft in the game, and it comes with a giant cannon in the nose rather than the usual machine gun. You can technically aim it at other aircraft, but don’t expect to out-turn enemy fighters. It can even fire ASMs, the only plane other than the SV-37 that can.

F/D-14 – Fast, maneuverable, three special weapon slots, and access to MLAA, SAA, UGBS-3 and UGBL, the F/D-14 can do it all. A great choice for all missions, and it even lets you bring along Prez, Monarch’s occasional WSO.

MG.29 – If you want something more nimble than the F/D-14, you can’t go wrong with the MG.29. The advantage of the Mig is that it can be equipped with rockets as well as MLAG-2, making it a fabulous air-to-ground weapons platform as well as a very capable dogfighter. The recent patch even gave it the AOA-limiter, so it can compete with Prototype aircraft too.

Accipiter – It’s fast, nimble, and it can hover. It also can ONLY carry guns, rockets, bombs, and standard missiles. MLAA, SAA, and MLAG are not available. This makes it an ideal naval attack aircraft, but it’s access to gun pods and superior maneuverability also makes it an oddly effective choice against enemy bosses.

21 Mission 1: Black Flag

Unlocked Aircraft: T-21, T/F-4, MG-21

Recommended Weapons: MLAG, MLAA

This mission is as close as Project Wingman gets to a tutorial. You can complete this mission in pretty much any aircraft and without ever using your special weapons, which is why the two “trainer” aircraft you start the game with have such limited options for their hardpoints. Pick whichever of the two planes appeals to you and go to town. If this is your second playthrough of the campaign and you’ve purchased some planes with more variety, MLAGs will help you deal with the numerous PT Boats scattered around the island and what few ground emplacements there are.

20 Mission 2: Frontiers

Unlocked Aircraft: F/E-4

Recommended Weapons: MLAA

The follow-up mission serves as a true introduction to Project Wingman’s aerial dogfights and your first encounter with an airship. These larger enemies require all their subsystems to be destroyed (that’s the CIWS, SAMs, Cannons, and Railguns) before the ship itself can be taken out with a few standard missiles. For this reason, any plane with MLAA will do just fine here. As there’s only one Destroyer, a full hardpoint of 8 ASMs is a little overkill at this point.

19 Mission 3: Homestead

Unlocked Aircraft: SV-37, SK.25U, CR.105

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, MLAG, SAA, ASM, URS, UGBS-3

Although the mission briefing says there are more ground targets than aerial ones, the fight against Crosstalk Squadron at the end will be easier with a few air-to-air special weapons, and there’s a bunch of planes on the ground that a well-timed MLAA shot can deal with quickly and easily. This is also the first mission featuring naval assets, including two cruisers and two LCS. ASMs can make short work of them if you want to buy the SV-37, but otherwise, URS and UGBS-3 are the ideal weapons to take out naval targets. A skilled pilot can spread the damage of these weapons out to take out all of the ship’s subsystems at once and destroy the ship in a single salvo.

The fight against Crosstalk Squadron is technically your first boss fight, but they’re really not all that tough. You can probably catch a few of them with MLAAs, or you can launch two SAAs at long-range for a quick kill to make the dogfight a little easier. The F/E-4 or SV-37 are both fine here.

18 Mission 4: Uphill, Every Way

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, MLAG

Here’s Project Wingman’s first fight against an advancing ground army. Enemy tanks and artillery are distributed throughout the map, making MLAGs the ideal solution. If you want a mission in which the SK.25U will excel, this is it.

There are few fighter patrols that can be easily dealt with by standard missiles or MLAAs, but otherwise, you should be mostly armed with MLAGs, firing off a volley each time they come off cooldown.

17 Mission 5: Sirens of Defeat

Unlocked Aircraft: F/C-16, MG-31

Recommended Weapons: MLAA

You’ll be covering retreating forces from aerial bombardment, so bring an anti-air arsenal to this mission. MLAAs will help you deal with waves of enemy fighters and a few airships. The F/E-4 with a full complement of MLAAs will be right at home here. You can take the SV-37 with MLAA and ASMs to quickly take out the airships and a few naval vessels in and around the harbor too.

16 Mission 6: Machine of the Mantle

Unlocked Aircraft: F/D-14, MG-29

Recommended Weapons: MLAG, URS, UGBS, UGBS-3, Gun Pods

Another surface target-rich environment. There are actually so many different ground targets to destroy that it’s possible to run out of ammo on this one, so be sure to bring an aircraft with three special weapon slots and a mostly air-to-ground arsenal. The SK.25U is again ideal right up until the final part of the mission where you have to run away from Crimson Squadron. The SK.25U is tragically slow and won’t be able to outrun Crimson’s Prototype fighters. If you do take the SK.25U, dive for the deck, and use the mountainous terrain to block incoming missiles.

15 Mission 7: Eminent Domain

Unlocked Aircraft: Accipiter

Recommended Weapons: URS, UGBS-3, ASM, MLAG

This time the battle is at sea. There are several fleets coming at the Eminent Domain as well as several attack aircraft and cruise missiles. You can take out those pesky air targets with standard missiles just fine, so focus on your anti-ship weaponry. There are more naval targets than the 8 ASMs you can bring, but ASMs can still help destroy those ships before they get too close. Otherwise, the sheer volume of vessels thrown at you will provide ample opportunity to practice your rocket and bombing runs.

The recently unlocked Accipiter is a great choice for this mission to both quickly deal with naval targets and incoming cruise missiles. The F/D-14 is also a great choice for the same reasons.

14 Mission 8: Clear Skies

Unlocked Aircraft: F/E-18, SK.27

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, SAA

This mission is a little different. It’s another aerial dogfight, but you have to chase down and destroy fleeing enemy transport aircraft before they can leave the area. Also, there’s a bunch of civilian aircraft in the sky that you absolutely cannot shoot or you’ll fail the mission.

MLAAs are still recommended weapons, but you have to be very careful. Limit yourself to just four hardpoints with MLAAs on them, otherwise you risk accidentally locking onto a civilian aircraft. SAAs are also a great choice here to accurately take out enemy aircraft at long range without risking civilian planes.

The final enemies of this fight are a pair of F/S-15 aces and The Gladeus airship. MLAAs will make short work of the Gladeus, while standard missiles and SAAs are good enough for the F/S-15s.

13 Mission 9: Stepping Stone

Unlocked Aircraft: F/-15

Recommended Weapons: MLAG

Ground targets are scattered throughout the mountains, and because of this, it can be hard to properly line up a rocket or bombing run. MLAGs are your best bet for dealing with these targets quickly and easily.

If you dare to fly into the tunnels that wind through the mountains, take a smaller aircraft to do it. The F/C-15, CR.105, and F/D-14 are fairly large and can find it a tight fit. The MG.29, on the other hand, is a much smaller plane that can fire the dual-volley MLAG-2s and take rockets for a little extra.

12 Mission 10: Pillars of Communications

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAG, MLAA, URS, UGBS

You’ll be taking out an enemy base in the desert defended by an army of tanks and airships. This is one of the first missions where Project Wingman throws a truly astonishing number of targets at you, so ammo efficiency is the order of the day.

MLAAs will be useful against enemy fighters and airships, while MLAGs can make short work of tank formations. Those tanks are close enough that rockets and bombs can also be effective, allowing you to take out several in a single run. Be sure to target the aircraft on the ground before they can take off in order to make this mission a whole lot easier. I personally prefer the MG.29 for its equal mix of MLAAs and MLAG-2s.

11 Mission 11: Cold War

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, SAA

This is it–Project Wingman’s ode to dogfighting. It’s just you, your squadron, and a giant furball of enemy fighters. Forget the bombs and rockets, ‘cause you’re putting missiles up tailpipes in this mission.

For the first bit, you’ve got two options. If you choose a fast plane like the F/D-14 or MG.31, you can load up on MLAAs and perform high-speed “jousting” maneuvers, flying through the furball and launching waves of MLAAs at whatever targets you get a lock on. Then when you pass through the carnage, turn around and just do it all over again.

Your other option is to take a maneuverable aircraft lift the MG.29 and actually duke it out inside the ball of mayhem, taking MLAA and SAA shots whenever you can. It’s more dangerous, but it is more in the spirit of the mission.

Crimson Squadron shows up at the end to ruin the party, but your choice in tactics really doesn’t change at all. Either dogfight or joust, with MLAAs and SAAs as your weapons of choice.

10 Mission 12: Midnight Light

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAG, SAA, Gun Pods

Although the briefing says there are more aerial targets than not, that’s a lie. There are a ton of emplacements on these oil rigs, and you’ll thank your lucky stars if you bring some MLAGs to deal with them all. What few aerial targets exist can be easily dealt with using standard missiles.

The boss fight at the end can be a bit of a pain. SAAs and jousting tactics can make short work of Frost, but a surprising solution presents itself: gun pods. Since the SP-34R loves to use its AOA-limiter to avoid missiles, guns are often the better choice.

9 Mission 13: Valkyrie’s Call

Unlocked Aircraft: Chimera, F/S-15

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, MLAG, URS, URM, UGBS UGBS-3, ASM

This mission is a buffet, and probably the best one to play again and again if you want to really rack up some cash. Most of your targets are on the ground, but a bunch of airships will show up later, making ammo efficiency extremely important.

You can honestly either go all ground-attack or take a mix of anti-ground and air. The SK.25U is great for launching clouds of MLAGs, rockets, and bombs, and still having ASMs to deal with the airships that arrive later. Or you can go with the MG.29 or F/C-15 for a more equal distribution of anti-air and anti-ground weapons. The Accipiter is also fine if you’re really good with rockets and bombs.

8 Mission 14: Open Season

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, MLAG, URS, UGBS-3

Cascadia is on the offensive even as the country burns. There are a lot of ground targets in this one, but some aerial ones too. MLAA will help deal with fighters and a few airships that appear later, while MLAGs will deal with ground targets. Naval ships can be destroyed using rockets or bombs, with the leftovers used against some of the tight formations of tanks and trucks found in this mission. Just be sure to bring something that can arm itself with a mix of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons and you’ll be fine.

7 Mission 15: Consequence of Power

Unlocked Aircraft: SK.37

Recommended Weapons: MLAA

This mission has you wipe out the rest of the Federation’s fighter cover. There are a few ground targets, but nothing your standard missiles can’t deal with. Bring MLAAs to deal with enemy fighters and the waves of cruise missiles that will turn Prospero into a smoking ruin because there just seems to be no way of destroying all of them.

6 Mission 16: Wayback

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, SAA, Gun Pods

This mission is mostly a reprise of Mission 12’s boss fight. There will be a few regular fighters and then Frost in her crazy X-PF fighter. Technically, this mission begins right on the heels of Mission 15, so if you want to follow the story, you should use the same loadout you had in the last mission. But, if you want to cheat, you can go back to the hangar in the game’s menu and select a different plane with a more focused loadout for this fight.

As with Mission 12, SAA and gun pods are your best special weapons for dealing with her highly maneuverable craft. Bring something that can at least keep up and leave the SK.25U at home.

5 Mission 17: No Respite

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAG, URS, URM, UGBS, UGBS-3, MLAA

There are once again a ton of ground targets that are scattered all over the place, so MLAGs are your friend. Later, some airships will show up, and then something brand new: land battleships. These are basically the same as the battleships that float on water, but they’ve got massive tank treads to crawl across the mountainside.\

Rockets and UGBS-3 are your best options for taking down the numerous subsystems on those battleships. It might take a few passes, but you’ll eventually take ’em down. The MG.29’s mix of MLAA, URS, and MLAG can be a huge asset on this mission.

4 Mission 18: Return

Unlocked Aircraft: VX-23

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, SAA, Gun Pods

This mission is the final fight against Crimson Squadron. You’ll have to take them all out, so bring weapons designed to take down quick aerial targets.

As in Mission 11, you can either joust with Crimson Squadron in a fast aircraft like the F/D-14, or you can go toe-to-toe with them in a nimble one like the MG.29. SAA, MLAA, and gun pods are your friends in either case, with guns being the most recommended for how wiley these Crimson bastards can be.

For this reason, a bizarrely effective choice can be the Accipiter with an all guns armament. MGP and CGP gun pods augment the Accipiter’s machine gun to turn the plane into a literal bullet hose that can swipe huge chunks off of Crimson Squadron aircraft.

3 Mission 19: Red Sea

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: URS, URM, UGBS, UGBS-3, MLAG

Now that Crimson Squadron is dead, it’s time to eliminate the Federation’s naval power. There are way more ships in this mission than a paltry 8 ASMs can deal with, so it’s time to put your rocket and bomb skills to the test. With the right aim, a single salvo of rockets can take out a cruiser, and a trio of bombs can do the same. The Accipiter is a great choice.

There are a few aircraft to deal with, but it’s best to leave those to your standard missiles and guns. Just remember you’ll be up against VX-23s, so they’ll take more than just two standard missiles to down.

Target the enemy aircraft carrier near the center of the naval formation in order to prevent it from launching F/D-14s.

2 Mission 20: Presidia

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAG, MLAA, URS, URM, UGBS, UGBS-3

The liberation of Presidia will have you take on more air and ground targets than any mission before. Ammo efficiency is key, so stick with airplanes with three special weapon slots.

There are naval ships, airships, clouds of fighters, formations of tanks–everything except the kitchen sink. The MG.29 is a great choice for MLAAs, rockets, and MLAGs and is what I settled on. The F/C-15 and F/D-14 are also good choices, as are any of the Prototype planes save for the SK.37 if you can afford one.

1 Mission 21: Kings

Unlocked Aircraft: None

Recommended Weapons: MLAA, SAA, Gun Pods

Crimson and the PW-MK.1 is appropriately the toughest fight in the game. As with Mission 16, this mission takes place immediately after Mission 20, but you can again go to the in-game menu and return to the hangar to select a new plane and loadout.

As with previous boss fights against a single fighter, take SAAs and gun pods. The Accipiter is once again a fine choice for having access to loads of gun pods. I’ve even heard people taking the SK.25U into this fight with some success, but I don’t recommend it. Crismon tends to move too fast for the SK.25U to keep up with, but the Accipiter is plenty maneuverable for this fight.

Crimson will come at you in three phases. In the first phase, he’ll just throw clouds of missiles at you. In phase two, he’ll add railgun shots, and in phase three he’ll throw in AOE attacks that will damage your plane if you fly through them. In the dramatic phase four, those AOE attacks go away on easy and normal difficulty, but they’re still there on hard and Mercenary mode.

After you beat Crimson, you’ll be treated to the end credits. You’ll also be able to play the game again with the ability to purchase the PW-MK.1 and SP-34R Prototype aircraft, along with new skins for every plane in the game.

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