Pro Tips For Mastering Your Combat Strategies In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes offers a big fix of chaotic war combat for fans to experience. Diving into various battlefields, capturing enemy holds, and doing it all while experiencing a rich and fleshed-out story is something that a lot of people can get behind.

Luckily, the game’s combat is almost as deep as its story and relationships between its characters. There is a lot for fans of the series to dig into. With a lot to discover about how to tackle every unique situation, pretty much anyone can benefit from a few additional tips to become a master of the battlefield.

10 Plan From The Start

There’s absolutely no need to rush into pretty much any battle in this game. The more you study the battlefield in front of you and determine just which units will be perfect, the more easily you’ll be able to completely dominate on even the toughest difficulties.

You can get a lot of information on the battle ahead without diving into the sea of enemies. Take the time to ensure characters head up lanes that are beneficial for their weapon types, and take note of any suspiciously inactive strongholds.

9 Pay Attention To Match-Ups

While someone who is good at the game might not have a ton of trouble with unfavorable match-ups on the battlefield, higher difficulties can definitely change that. Just like the mainline Fire Emblem games, weapons are more proficient against certain other weapons or enemy classes.

Luckily, even though the entire landscape of a battle can change in an instant, you are still able to bring up the map screen to see how your units stack up against the enemies on the field. Don’t be afraid to send units entirely across the battlefield in order to gain the advantage.

8 Inactive Keeps May Not Stay That Way

People who don’t take the time to plan out their battle strategy may completely miss various maps that have entire sections of keeps completely dark. When a keep has no color associated with it, it’s inactive, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll stay that way.

It’s easy to assume that you’ll be able to hand anything the game throws at you, but there are quite a few cheeky battles that will throw you for a loop. Never rest on assumptions, and instead, prepare for any inactive strongholds to come alive with enemies.

7 Keep Your Army Varied

Keeping your units balanced in this game is a bit tougher than in Three Houses, since you can only take between four and eight units into battle with you. That small change makes it a lot harder to ensure you have a varied army, instead of one filled with your favorite characters.

Everyone loves a character like Petra, but if you’ve already got other strong swordsmen on your active army roster, you may want to leave her back at camp. The more variation you have, the better prepared you'll be for surprise attacks.

6 Pay Attention To Side Missions

If everyone was honest, they’d probably admit to ignoring side missions in their favorite games every now and then. The issue here is that if you ignore side missions, you’ll likely only be making each battle that much more difficult.

Almost every major battle is filled with side missions that you can choose to engage with, or completely ignore. Since there is so much going on at just about any point and time, it can be easy to miss side missions as they pop up, so pay attention!

5 Don’t Forget About Strategies

If you are the kind of player that prefers to breeze past menus to get into the thick of the action, you may not put all that much thought into the strategies section during your battle planning phase.

Not thinking about your strategies is a huge mistake any player could make. They offer you various ways to change the course of a tough battle, but they also provide you with the opportunity to potentially recruit characters from other armies. No one wants to slay their favorite Three Houses characters, so use those strategies.

4 Dialogue Can Be Really Helpful

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the dialogue featured throughout the game's many battles can actually be fairly helpful as you wage war. Sure, the various characters are always delightful, but they can also offer subtle hints toward success.

People interested in figuring out how to recruit Byleth without any sort of guide will want to listen to all of the battlefield dialogue you come across. If the usefulness of the dialogue was in doubt, it probably isn’t anymore. Everyone wants a Byleth reunion.

3 Items Litter The Field

Something that a lot of people swear they’re aware of, yet for whatever reason refuse to use, is the game's various battlefield items. These are small pots you can break open in order to snag some bonuses for your controlled character.

There’s no denying how useful the items can be. They can let you unleash even more special attacks, replenish your weapon durability, and even allow you to access that fantastic battle mode that eats through opponents' stagger meters. Make use of the battlefield items instead of ignoring them completely, as a few can even give you some much-needed coin.

2 Don’t Be Afraid To Assign Back-Up

You really do get a staggering amount of control over the flow of your many battles as you play through the game, and you should always take full advantage of that. If you’re finding something thanking you by surprise and making the battle too tough, bring in some backup.

You could do that by grabbing a friend and playing some couch co-op, but for those solo players, just assign a unit to help out. Charging into a tough section of the battlefield is much easier if you have another character's abilities to make use of.

1 Avoid Grouping Up Too Much

There are a lot of mistakes that any player could make, but one you’ll never want to make is making your units group up. Sure, launching an all-out assault on the final boss of a battle will make the fight much easier, but other instances will leave you out of luck.

There are many sections of battles that leave you locked out of areas, or spring enemies on you back at the start. Shez may be able to warp around the battlefield, but your other units can’t so make sure to spread out and take those keeps.

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