Pokemon TCG Online’s Final Expansion Will Be Crown Zenith Ahead Of Switch To TCG Live

The curtain is officially closing on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. It has been confirmed that the recently released Crown Zenith set will be the last expansion to be incorporated into the Online service. The time and energy spent on the Online service will now be devoted to getting the Pokemon Trading Card Game Live app up and running!

According to Pokemon news site Serebii.net, this means that after March 1st, all the code cards from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet series will only be available in Pokemon TCG Live. Even more, the 2023 Standard format rotation and Pokemon Tool card errata will not be available in Pokemon TCG Online. In fact, beyond in-game Versus Ladder reward tracks and certain bug fixes, TCG Online will receive no further updates.

It is unclear when access to TCG Online will officially end, though it will likely taper off after TCG Live goes…well live. Speaking of, the free-to-play successor of TCG Online is currently available in a global beta. This new service features a more fine-tuned experience with a streamlined interface that allows for better Pokemon TCG duels. There is also a more modern Battle Pass system incorporated into TCG Live that offers a faster way to earn rewards.

However, not all changes that TCG Live is making have been welcomed by players. One big point of contention with the new app is that the number of cards available in digital packs has been halved. The Pokemon Company claims this change will offer a more optimal experience for players as they will receive fewer duplicates. Still, people are not happy spending the same amount of money for half the amount of cards.

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