Pokémon Sword And Shield Oleana – How To Beat

Once you’ve made your way to the town of Wyndon on your journey through Pokémon Sword and Shield, you’ll be met with a lot of new trainers to battle before you can start your journey up the Rose Tower. These trainers alone are tough, but they’re nothing compared to what awaits you once you and Hop reach the top level. Oleana may not be a gym leader, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be taken just as seriously. She has an eclectic team of Pokémon that are not only high level but also don’t follow any strict theme you can easily account and counter for on first, or maybe even second, attempt. Here’s everything you need to know on how to beat Oleana at the peak of Rose Tower.

Pokémon Sword And Shield Oleana’s Pokémon

Oleana has a team of five total Pokémon you need to be prepared for. They are all at level 50 or higher, so make sure your team is ready for the challenge.

Oleana’s first Pokémon out is a Froslass. This is an Ice and Ghost-type, with weaknesses to Fire, Rock, Ghost, Dark, and Steel.

Second is a Milotic, a pure Water-type. Milotic is weak only to Grass and Electric.

Salazzle will come out third and is a Poison and Fire-type. This is the only Pokémon in Oleana’s roster with a massive 4X weakness to Ground, plus the normal weakness to Water, Psychic, and Rock.

Fourth up is Tsareena, a Grass-type weak to Poison, Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice.

Last is the Poison-type Garbodor, who Oleana will Dynamax. It is weak to Ground and Psychic.

Pokémon Sword And Shield Oleana Tactics

While Oleana’s roster of Pokémon run a wide gambit of types, two of the most common weaknesses among them are Ground and Fire, with Milotic being the only exception. Taking at least one powerful Ground and Fire-type each will be a really big advantage, especially ones with moves like Earthquake against Salazzle.

Speaking of Milotic, it will be even more of a hassle because of its ability to use Recover. So, not only will you need to switch in an Electric or Grass-type to exploit its weakness, but you might also want to consider Dynamaxing during this phase just to keep it from wearing down your Pokémon.

Finally, the last trick you need to worry about is when Oleana is down to her last Pokémon, Garbador. As mentioned previously, she will Dynamax this Pokémon to make this last phase of battle potentially the most difficult. However, a strong Ground-type Pokémon is able to counter it very well. Plus, if you have something like an Excadrill which is a Steel-type, they will also be immune to any poison-based moves making this last fight pretty much a cakewalk.

Pokémon Sword And Shield – Oleana Facts

Oleana is the secretary of Chairman Rose, as well as the vice president of Macro Cosmos. She is normally a calm and collected person but has a tendency to suddenly snap when people cross her. While she is completely devoted to the Chairman, she is quick to use and discard those below her. Her name actually has two plant-based origins, the Olea olive, and oleander, which is a poisonous flower. The latter could be referenced by her Salazzle and Garbador both using Poison-type attacks.

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