Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Have Girafarig Evolution, Farigiraf

The official Pokemon YouTube channel released a 14-minute long gameplay video of Scarlet & Violet today, and, amongother things, we got a look at Farigiraf, the evolution of Gen 2 Pokemon, Girafarig. All the Gs and Fs have been swapped, as have the As and Is. Also, its tail is now a part of its head, finally giving it a butt.

The new 'mon was revealed after Girafarig was traded, but it seems to just be a standard level-up evolution as it happened right after a battle with a wild Venonat. Girafarig is a fairly strong Normal/Psychic-Type Pokemon, with its dual typing covering its weaknesses by giving it immunity to Ghost-Types and only taking neutral damage from Fighting. Farigiraf maintains this same typing.

A lot more was revealed in the trailer, including more information about the slightly chaotic Terrastalising. Pokemon changing types on the fly is sure to disrupt the competitive scene, and we may see a ban on the new mechanic in Smogon formats as we did with Dynamaxing.

Also revealed was the continued use of the EXP Share that divides experience gained from battles among all party members. This has proved a divisive feature among the community, with some mad it makes a children's game too easy, and others welcoming it for reducing the amount of grinding needed to have a balanced team.

A new feature coming to Scarlet & Violet is the ability to bathe one's Pokemon, getting them all nice and sudsy. We here at TheGamer can see no way this will go horribly, horribly wrong. You can also picnic with and take selfies with your 'mons, which is adorable.

You'll also be able to craft TMs out of resources you scavange from wild Pokemon battles. If you needed a reason to auto battle beyond simple leveling up, now you have one.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet contain a lot of elements you'd expect from an open world game, such as mini-games to distract yourself from the main story, as well as multiple narrative paths.

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