Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Everything You Missed In The Reveal

Game Freak shocked Pokemon fans everywhere with the announcement of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the latest pair of games in the mainline Pokemon series. The two new titles were revealed to be launching in late 2022, coming mere months after the well-received Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

A trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was released alongside a few small details on the two upcoming games, giving us a small glimpse of what to expect. With the excitement of the initial reveal, it’s easy to overlook some of the more interesting details hidden within the information currently available. Here are a few things you may have missed.

8 The New Region Is Inspired By Spain

The initial trailer for Scarlet & Violet doesn't showcase a lot of its open world, but it does give us a small taste of what to expect. The architecture of the game's buildings and cities provided fans some small hints as to what are its setting would be based on, with vibrant towns and seaside buildings that take inspiration from Spain and Portugal.

Even two of the new starters provide a clue as to where the games take place. The name of the Grass starter Sprigatito is a combination of the word sprig and the Spanish word for cat, gatito, while the Fire starter Fuecoco's name is a clear nod to the Spanish word for fire, fuego.

7 The Region's Map Is In the Trailer

Though the game's regional inspiration needed to be pieced together through hints and translations, a more direct confirmation can be found on the wall during the brief trailer. What appears to be the game's world map can be seen hanging behind the Nintendo Switch OLED Edition in your character's home.

Though only a small amount of the map can be seen, its layout looks to be almost identical to the Iberian Peninsula that contains both Spain and Portugal.

6 There May Be A Pokemon League Building Visible

The new format introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus pushed the series forward in many ways, but it's hard to deny that Pokemon battles took a backseat. While still present in the game, the battles were much less prominent, with gameplay taking an exploration-based approach that placed an emphasis on catching and studying Pokemon.

While there's no word yet on how much Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will deviate from this new approach, signs point to battles having a more prominent role this time around. In one image of a town in the new games, there's a large white building present near a mountain range that bears a strong resemblance to Pokemon League locations from past games. Climbing a mountain trail to take on the greatest trainers in the region is a series staple, and it's possible this tradition may be making a return.

5 There Are Hisuian Pokemon Present

Though the number of Pokemon present in the trailer for Scarlet & Violet is somewhat low, official screenshots of the game reveal even more pocket monsters present in the games.

One screenshot showcases a Lucario battling a Hisuian Zoroark, seemingly indicating that Pokemon originating in Pokemon Legends: Arceus would make an appearance in the new titles. While this might make us wonder why Hisuian forms aren't in the Sinnoh games, it's nice to see the cool new Pokemon back for another round.

4 Pokemon Centers Appear In The Wild

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Game Freak has promised to push to add even more innovation to the fresh new format introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The game has been described by the developer as a fully open-world experience, with towns and cities that blend seamlessly with the wilderness surrounding them.

Scarlet & Violet's ambitions will require a number of adjustments to the formula created for Arceus, and at least one small change seems to be evident in the reveal trailer for the two titles. Pokemon Centers, the healing facilities located throughout past Pokemon games, seem to be identifiable in the new trailer, appearing in both towns and in the large open areas between them. This small addition should be a big help when traveling and exploring this new region.

3 Pokemon Look Even Better Now

Seeing some of the most beloved Pokemon rendered in a more modern art style is a treat for any fan of the games. As the series has progressed and technology has improved, each iteration has shown improvements in graphical quality, and Scarlet & Violet seem to continue this trend.

The Pokemon in particular look better than they did even as recently as Pokemon Legends: Arceus, with lighting and textures, seemingly receiving a big upgrade in the two latest games.

2 There Are Pokemon Hinted At That Aren’t Shown

While the trailer for Scarlet & Violet may not be full of Pokemon, the footage shows a nice selection of creatures for trainers to battle and catch. Pokemon that fans were unable to acquire in Arceus make their return in this modern title as well, adding some variety between the two games.

Some Pokemon hinted at in the clip aren't actually seen in the wild, like Dratini, who appears as the spout of a water fountain in the game, and Chewdle, who graces the cover of a magazine in the main character's home. These small hints make for an interesting tease at what Pokemon we may find roaming the world of the new games.

1 Your Character Is A Child Again

Pokemon has typically placed you in the shoes of a young child beginning their Pokemon journey, with many of the main characters setting off at just 10 years old. Pokemon Legends: Arceus saw this shift slightly, putting you in control of a 15-year-old teenager instead.

Although many fans responded positively to the slightly older protagonist, it appears that Scarlet & Violet will return to the standard age range of older games, with the player's character model appearing to be visibly younger.

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