Pokémon Masters Teased A Very 420-Friendly Version Of Leaf

Sygna Suit Leaf is apparently down for a sesh, if you know what we mean.

Yesterday, Nintendo confirmed that Red would finally be added to Pokémon Masters. He’s called Sygna Suit Red since he’s not quite wearing the standard costume you might remember from his Kanto region days. He’s paired up with Mega X Charizard and will be available during the limited-time Poké Fair Scout on March 15, 2020, at 10:59 PM PDT.

Along with confirming Red, a trailer appeared that also teased new Sygna Suit versions of Blue and Leaf. Both of them are already in Pokémon Masters, with Blue being synced with a Pidgeot and Leaf with her Eevee, but these Sygna Suit versions give them both new Mega versions of the Kanto starters. Blue gets Mega Blastoise while Leaf gets Mega Venusaur.

They also get new costumes. Blue’s suit makes him look like he’s a long-distance runner from the future, but Leaf’s costume is very much casual streetwear. However, look a little closer and you’ll see a few telltale signs of what she might be getting up to when she’s not in an officially sanctioned Pokémon match.

There’s the leaf motif which, okay, sort of fits with the name, but then there’s the sling satchel worn across her chest for easy access. Conveniently-sized bags are a sure sign she’s carrying, and if it wasn’t enough, the camouflage cap just screams “420-friendly.”

We’re not the only ones to have noticed Leaf’s new look. Residents of the Pokémon Masters subreddit immediately took to Leaf’s raver girl outfit and began posting comments confirming the reason why her name is Leaf.

A few went a step further to spell it out for the uninitiated.

We’re not sure when Stoner Leaf will arrive in-game, but we do know that Sygna Red’s arrival will also bring the Battle Villa, a gauntlet-style endgame format where HP, MP, and status conditions all carry over from one battle to the next. Endurance is key in the Battle Villa, but going through it will provide trainers with rewards based on the number of completed battles.

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