Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Where To Find Every Wisp In Crimson Mirelands

The Crimson Mirelands is the second large area you'll visit on your journey through Pokemon Legends: Arceus, filled with marshes and swampland to trudge through and Pokemon to find. That's not all though, there are another 20 Wisps here that are part of the Eerie Apparitions in the Night request!

By now you're sure to have realized that Wisps are far more visible if you look for them at night, as you don't have to get close to them to make them appear. Talk to the Galaxy Member at the camp if you want to fast-forward to nighttime. Also, some of these Wisps will require certain Ride Pokemon to acquire, so maybe leave the big hunt until the end of the game.

All Wisps In Crimson Mirelands

You can find this wisp in Cloudpool Ridge, just south of Brava Arena.

You can see this Wisp across the river if you head north from the Mirelands Camp. You'll need Basculegion to cross, though.

You can get this Wisp at the south end of the map on a small knoll near the Holm of Trials as the word appears on the map.

This Wisp is situated north of the muddy swamps, on a cliff overlooking them.

This Wisp, on the other hand, is on a cliff overlooking the watery swamps of Gapejaw Bog.

On the western edge of the map is a long alcove in the Golden Lowlands. This is where you'll find this Wisp.

On a hill on the south side of Gapejaw Bog, you'll find this Wisp overlooking the river below.

A shallow pool on the western side of the western river is the location of this Wisp.

A small rock in the middle of a small pond is where you'll get this Wisp, east of the Holm of Trials.

You can find this Wisp on the bottom edge of the map, right next to the western river.

This Wisp is up a cliff on the eastern edge of the map, near Droning Meadow. You might need Sneasler to get up here.

You can easily find this map by heading to the "g" in Cottonsedge Prairie on the map.

This Wisp is found on a hill near the sudden bend in the eastern river.

Head to the very top of the waterfall in the area to nab this Wisp.

This Wisp is found just a short walk and a climb away from the Diamond Settlement. Head west from the fast-travel marker.

This Wisp is found directly across the river from the map marker for Cottonsedge Prairie.

This Wisp is just slightly southeast of the Brava Arena fast-travel point.

Head to the cliff to the west of Brava Arena to find this Wisp.

Head downriver from the waterfall. On the western side, you'll find this Wisp.

If you head directly south from the second "O" in Solaceon Ruins as it appears on the map, you'll stumble upon this Wisp on top of a hill.

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