Pokemon Go Streamer Has Phone Stolen While Live On Twitch

A Pokemon Go player was mugged and had his phone stolen while live streaming and the stream continued after the assailants ran off with the device.

In 2016, Niantic changed the way in which Pokemon fans could go about catching em’ all. Rather than creating a world like Kanto or Galar for players to explore from the comfort of their own home, it used augmented reality to add Pokemon to the real world. Thus Pokemon Go was born and trainers stepped into the sunlight, rubbed their eyes, and went about living out the life of Ash Ketchum.

2020 has changed that somewhat. Since the pandemic has dictated that people worldwide stay indoors as much as they possibly can, Niantic implemented changes that allow Pokemon Go to be played from home. However, even though some of those changes have become permanent, others have been removed as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.

Fair enough really as Pokemon Go was created to be played outside. However, doing so comes with inherent risks other than possibly contracting COVID-19. Pre-existing risks such as the one streamer Anthony ran into recently. While live-streaming his progress in Pokemon Go, the trainer was accosted and subsequently mugged by four assailants, reports GameRant. Anthony is only streaming his phone screen, so the mugging wasn’t visible to those watching.

It can be heard as clear as day though, which is evident from the footage below. Be warned, the clip does contain language some might find offensive. Anthony is in the process of catching a Croagunk when the muggers strike. He tries to tell them he doesn’t have anything, also revealing that he is streaming live at that moment. The muggers make off with his phone but even though it’s locked, the stream continues.

This isn’t the first time something bad has happened to a Pokemon Go player while they have been immersed in the game. One stumbled across a dead body while paying the game, and another was shot and killed after witnessing an armed robbery. More than enough reason to heed the in-game warnings, and try as hard as you can to stay safe while playing Pokemon Go.

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