Pokémon GO Cliff Guide – Counters, How To Beat

As one of the Team GO Rocket Leaders in Pokémon GO, Cliff is a steep challenge for even the most seasoned Pokémon trainer. His lineup of Pokémon might seem unbeatable, but we have all the best counters and strategies right here in our guide.

Cliff is one of the three primary Team GO Rocket Executives in Pokémon GO, but can be just as difficult as the others if your team is unprepared. Like the other leaders you’ll challenge, Cliff will have three Pokémon in his team that will be drawn from a pool of eight possible options. You can determine which Pokémon he uses in the first round, but the second and third can each be one of three, meaning you’ll want to have a plan for whatever Pokémon he might call in.

How To Counter And Beat Cliff In Pokémon GO

Cliff has eight Pokémon in his collection, and none of them are pushovers. Round one will either be a Pinsir or Grimer, round two can be a Machamp, Omastar, or Electivire, and his final Pokémon will be either a Tyranitar, Swampert, or Torterra. Pick the best team you can for your first attempt just to try and see which Pokémon he’ll throw out in rounds two and three before setting up your team for the perfect counter on your next try.

First Round Counters

If you choose to encounter Cliff at a Pokéstop, he will always open with a Pinsir. Should you encounter him via a GO Rocket Balloon, he will always use his Grimer. Use this information to decide how you want the battle to begin.

  • Pinsir will use his Bug and Fighting type fast and charge moves. He’s weak to Fire, Flying, and Rock types. Any Fire type you have with Fire Spin and Overheat will do the job here, such as a Moltres or Volcarona.
  • Grimer has Poison and Ground fast and charge moves, but is weak to Ground and Psychic. Mewtwo is an obvious counter, but Groudon’s Mud Shot and Earthquake is a good choice as well.

Second Round Counters

  • If Machamp is called out, look out for his Steel or Fighting type fast moves and either Cross Chop, Dynamic Punch, Close Combat, Rock Slide, or Heavy Slam for his charge. This is another Pokémon hard countered by Psychic as well as Flying, so Mewtwo could again take this spot, or Lugia with Sky Attack.
  • Omstar has Rock, Water, and Ground type fast moves, and Rock or Water charged attacks. You’ll want to capitalize on his double weakness to Grass with a Venusaur, Torterra, or other Grass type.
  • Using Electric or Fighting fast moves and Electric or Ice charges, Electivire can’t do much to a strong Ground type. Garachomp and Rhyperior won’t have any issues taking him down.

Third Round Counters

  • Tyranitar comes out with Dark and Steel fast moves, but Fire, Rock, and Dark charges. His double weakness to Fighting types make him a joke if you have a Lucario, Machamp, or Heracross ready to go.
  • Swampert is packing Ground or Water fast moves, plus Ground, Water, or Poison charge attacks. Once again we are given an opponent double weak to Grass, so your Venusaur or Torterra is once again the best pick here.
  • Last up is Torterra, weilding Dark or Grass quick attacks and Ground, Grass or Rock charges. He suffers double weakness to Ice types, so your best Pokémon with that type like Articuno or Regice will go a long way.

Just like with the other Team GO Rocket Leaders, your rewards for beating this Pokémon master consists of 1,000 Stardust and either an Unova Stone, Sinnoh Stone, one Max Revive, three regular Revives, and either one or three Max Potions.

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