Pokemon Fusions Are Making A Comeback On TikTok

Pokemon Fusions are a simple enough concept—you take two 'mons and smush them together. This usually ends up looking incredible, or incredibly cursed, there's little inbetween. For a while, it was the hot Pokemon thing, but it died out like most trends do, and like most trends, TikTok has brought it back to life.

Several TikTokers are using Pokemon Infinite Fusion to show off their mergers, an app that even comes with stats, movepools, a Pokedex entry, and more, rather than just splicing two 'mons. You can battle with these 'mons, catch others, and do all the usual stuff you do in Pokemon, like earning 16 badges while exploring all of Kanto.

One of these Fusion videos splices Mimikyu with a whole assortment of others like Vaporeon and Lapras, all resulting in a floppier Gyrados with demonic red swirls for eyes. Mimikyu's whole shtick is pretending to be other Pokemon, hence their distorted Pikachu garb, so this is oddly fitting. Some of the other fusions, like Machamp and Onyx, are less so.

Mixing two random 'mons together and laughing at the result is oddly nostalgic, like being back in IT at secondary school with your mates when the teacher turned around, but TikTok is taking it a step further, with some turning fusions into challenges.

Streamer unitedplayes did just that—he and a friend had a limited time to go out and catch two 'mons to merge. They would then battle each other with their fusion. This resulted in Groutina and Buzzgia, who you can see in the video below.

There are a whole host of these videos cropping up on TikTok lately so, odds are, if you're a Pokemon fan, you'll have bumped into one or two. Sure, some are cool, but Charizard merged with MewTwo might be one to leave behind. Mimikyu and Vaporeon on the other hand.

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