Players Can’t Connect To Apex Legends, EA Servers Are Down

Red alert, Apex fans. EA’s servers are down and that’s preventing anyone from doing much of anything that involves connecting to Origin accounts. This includes Apex Legends, where players aren’t able to connect at all.

Rest assured, this is a problem on EA’s end and (probably) not yours. The official EA Help Twitter account confirmed server-side issues earlier this morning. “We are aware that and a number of our services are experiencing issues at this time and are working on a fix,” the Twitter account wrote. “Stay tuned for updates.”

The Apex Legends news account confirmed that players aren’t able to connect or play games. Patience is a virtue as EA works on fixing whatever’s broken. Given the vast number of online-only and service games in EA’s repertoire, they’re sure to get a fix out there as fast as possible.

When Apex Legends is available, players can peruse the brand new Kings Canyon that arrived as part of Season 8: Mayhem. There’s also a brand new Legend named Fuse who fancies himself an explosives expert, and a brand new weapon in the 30-30 Repeating Rifle. It’s a lever-action rifle that continues to be relevant in the far future by also having a charged-shot ability.

There are also over 100 items in the battle pass, and if you prefer your gaming on the go, Apex will head to the Nintendo Switch on March 9. Season 8 continues from now until May 3.

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