Play Fortnite At 90fps On Samsung’s S7 Galaxy Tablet

As next-generation hardware bears down on us, many people are looking for the absolute best performance. Luckily, you can run Fortnite at an incredible 90fps on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet starting today.

With Epic Games lawsuit still pending against Apple’s 30% “tax” on app purchases, Fortnite isn’t available on the Apple store. This holds true for the Google Play Store, as well, where Epic was also circumventing Google’s app tax. However, the game is still available for download on Samsung devices through the use of the Galaxy Store, which is separate from Google’s Play Store.

According to a press release from Samsung, you will be able to experience this frame rate on the S7 and S7+ by simply updating the Fortnite app, or downloading it through the Galaxy Store. Samsung is keen to point out that this is the only app store in the United States that you can download Fortnite from.

Until a trial can be held for the anti-trust lawsuit that Epic Games has with Apple, it will not be possible to download the game on your device without either side-loading the game, or using the Galaxy Store. The trial is currently scheduled to take place on May 3 of 2021, so if you do decide to wait, it’s going to be several months. That is, if a decision is even reached on May 3.

Fortnite is currently on Season four, in a crossover with Marvel. The fate of both universes hangs in the balance as Thor tries to help Galactus fight “The Black Winter.” The only problem is, that nobody has any memory of their lives before entering the Fortnite universe. Dozens of heroes from the Marvel universe have entered the fray as the season has gone on.

Wolverine, Storm, Black Panther, and maybe even Blade come to Fortnite to fight the “Nexus War”—which is officially Marvel canon as of September. Of course, you’re going to want to make sure that you play with the best performance possible, particularly because the game will be getting a boost when it lands on the next-gen consoles. The 90fps version launches today on the S7 and S7+.

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