PlanetSide 2’s Escalation Update Was Delayed (Again)

PlanetSide 2 — the MMOFPS title that released forever-ago in 2012 — has now delayed the Escalation update for a second time. The developer says that the release is still a “day to day” decision, as the team tries to iron out some last-minute issues.

The build was supposed to go live on February 19 but was pushed back to February 26 due to negative player feedback during playtests. Supposedly, there were still a lot of bugs that needed fixing before an official release. It seems like that is still the case, as the official PlanetSide 2 Twitter account has confirmed that the crew is working on solving a desync issue — while continuing to remove any other remaining bugs.

The Escalation update is expected to bring sweeping changes to PlanetSide 2, such as new Outfit-owned Bastion carriers and increased access to air-dropped supplies. There’s also a new social hub where players can connect with each other. With this much new content, it’s no surprise that Rogue Planet Games wants to get it right. What is surprising, though, is how long that’s taking.

Adding new content to a game that’s almost eight years old certainly lends itself to unexpected issues. So much so, that there’s actually going to be an entire discussion about it at the upcoming GDC.

Whether or not that’s the reason for all these bugs is unknown, but when you have so many systems at play — and years’ worth of content to deal with — delays are bound to happen. It’s just unfortunate that the team didn’t give itself enough time in the first place and had to push the release back twice.

The most recent update from the developers came last night, where it was mentioned that they will be running some playtests today. If you’re interested in helping the team, be sure to check out their Twitter to see how you can jump in on the action. The community seems to be taking the news in-stride and has been completely respectful on the dev team — a rarity in the world of gaming.

PlanetSide 2 is now available on PC and PS4. The Escalation update will be released… at some point in the future.

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