PewDiePie Has Returned To YouTube, Hints At Changes

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, the largest independent video creator on YouTube, made his return to the platform on February 21st. Towards the end of 2019, he announced his desire to take a break from YouTube – notoriously criticizing media outlets who misled viewers into thinking that he was giving up video-creation completely.

He finally undertook the hiatus starting on January 16th, breaking his approximate decade-long daily upload streak. Despite not specifying a return date, he didn’t keep his viewers waiting very long, as his break officially ended after only 5 weeks.

PewDiePie’s arrival back to YouTube was a welcome one; His video, “I went on a break for 30 days & THIS HAPPENED,” held the number one trending spot on the platform for some time after its release, gathering nearly 13 million views at the time of this article’s writing.

The most significant bit of information that came from the comeback video was a relatively subtle statement about his desire to change up his content. Around the 10:30 mark, PewDiePie mentioned that “there’s definitely some changes that I’ll have to do with the channel.” He speculated that the changes would likely be implemented gradually and even nonchalantly added, “I’m working on some bigger project as well.”

Lately, PewDiePie has focused on a mixture of Minecraft content and meme commentary, providing a decent mix of gameplay and interaction with his community. How big of a departure from his usual formula is yet to be seen or elaborated on, but fans should expect PewDiePie to shake things up soon.

Aside from his future ambition, PewDiePie spoke briefly about his appreciation for the mental respite provided by the break. He also emphasized his thankfulness for his fans and apologized for taking his supporters for granted. Otherwise, the YouTuber simply returned to his normal shenanigans; Most of his debut back featured a familiar approach to reviewing goofy memes found on his subreddit.

PewDiePie is someone who seems to simultaneously gather love and hate from all kinds of internet-goers, an inevitability of someone with his reach. The content-creator has expressed the desire to eventually retire from YouTube and move to Japan with his wife,  Marzia Kjellberg. As for now, however, things are going to continue as normal on the channel.

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