Payday 3 Is Still Coming, But There’s No Official Release Date Yet

In spite of a frankly miserable past two years for the company, Payday developers Starbreeze recently announced that Payday 3 is still in the works. The official Payday 2 Twitter released a post confirming that Payday 3 is currently in its design phase and will be developed using Unreal Engine.

Although the Payday 2 Twitter has been far from silent, fans haven’t had any news about Payday 3’s development status in months. The last credible bit of information about the game was released back in February of this year when Starbreeze’s annual earnings call report revealed that they were in the market for a publisher for Payday 3.

This report was promptly followed by the conviction of ex-Starbreeze CFO Sebastian Ahlskog. Starbreeze was previously raided by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority on suspicions of possible insider trading, which Ahlskog was later convicted for. All in all, not great for Starbreeze’s reputation.

In fact, the developer has had a very rough go of it since the release of Payday 2. From firing 25% of its entire staff in 2019 to mobile game Payday: Crime War shutting down that same year, and on and on and on, Starbreeze has been in calamitous decline for years. And yet the company clings to its most popular property, even stating that they expect to secure enough funding, financial backing, and an otherwise increased cash flow to release Payday 3 in 2022 to 2023.

Considering their new teaser, it’s clear that they hope to release the game even sooner. The teaser image is extremely bare-bones: a dark picture of a hacker typing away at a keyboard, hard at work on… the Payday Twitter? No matter how you look at it, the content of the image’s computer screen is clearly desktop Twitter’s webpage. While very cheeky, it’s not an especially promising teaser for a game that players are still struggling to believe will ever see the light of day.

Still, maybe 2020 will be Starbreeze’s year, even if it’s clearly not anyone else’s. The company plans to release its restructuring plans soon, and the possibility of Payday 3 on the horizon may restore just enough interest that the company can pull off a miraculous recovery.

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