Overwatch 2 Is Reworking Bastion "From The Ground Up"

Controversial Overwatch hero Bastion is being reworked “from the ground up” for Overwatch 2.

During a developer PVP live stream for Overwatch 2 Blizzard announced some of the big changes coming to the sequel. One of those changes is centred around Bastion, who will seemingly be very different in Overwatch 2.

In the video Blizzard said, “Heroes like Bastion are being reviewed and reworked from the ground up, which will result in major changes to how the hero plays. This shift will result in rebalancing and adjustments across the board -we’ll aim to give you a sneak peek on how things are coming for some heroes later this year.”

The live stream didn’t give any further details on the changes coming to Bastion but did promise to give more details later in the year. Blizzard’s claims that it’s changing the character “from the ground up” imply that some big changes are coming to the character, which could include changing its iconic ability to change into a stationary turret.

Blizzard also revealed here that other heroes will be reworked and changed from the ground up, as they appear to be using Bastion as the first example of such drastic tweaks. Bastion is by far the most requested hero for a rework, so it’s not clear what other characters are needing as many changes.

Overwatch players have been asking for a Bastion rework for some time, with new players to the game considering him overpowered and cheap, and veterans considering him a waste of a character with very few players actually choosing to main him. The main problem stems from the fact that Bastion essentially only has one use, and that’s sitting as a turret and waiting for the other team to come to him.

Some of the other changes coming to Overwatch 2 that were revealed from the live stream include plenty of changes to tanks and their special moves, the new player size of 5v5, and the fact that Mei’s blaster will deal damage and slow enemies, but no longer freeze them.

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