Outward: What Is Corruption?

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With the Soroboreans DLC of Outward, we were introduced to Corruption. This an attribute that can have both positive and negative effects, depending on how corrupted you are. In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Corruption.

Because this is part of the Soroboreans DLC, you will only be able to see it if you own this content. Additionally, the Definitive version of the game includes both DLCs, giving you access to Corruption. First, let's take a look at how Corruption works.

Corruption Mechanics

Corruption can cause a variety of effects depending on your current level. There are four levels of Corruption, which you can learn about below. Corruption will start to affect you once you have over 25 percent.

LevelCorruption PercentageNamePositive EffectsNegative Effects
Level 126% to 50%Tainted
  • None
  • +100% Hunger Rate
  • -25% Lightning Resistance
Level 251% to 75%Corrupted
  • +15% Decay Resistance
  • +15% Decay and Frost Damage Boost
  • +100% Hunger Rate
  • -50% Lightning Resistance
Level 376% to 99%Defiled
  • +15% Decay Resistance
  • +50% Decay Damage Boost
  • +15% Frost Damage Boost
  • +100% Hunger Rate
  • -50% Lightning Resistance
  • -10% Attach Speed
  • -30% Physical Resistance
  • -30% impact Resistance
  • Corrupted Spirits will have a chance to spawn around you
Level 4100%N/A
  • Corruption lowered to 90% after negative effects occur
  • You will take 45 damage once you hit 100%
  • Inflicted with the following effects:
    • Doomed
    • Haunted
    • Extreme Poison
  • AoE of damage around you causing:
    • 45 Physical Damage
    • 30 Impact Damage

Once you make it to 100 percent Corruption, you will be inflicted with the effects mentioned above, and then return to 90 percent Corruption. This means that you cannot stay at this Corruption level for long periods of time.

Benefits Of Corruption

Above, we looked at what Corruption can do to you. Overall, these effects can be quite deadly, however, they prove to be beneficial if you favor Decay spells.

Corruption will boost the damage of Decay damage, which is helpful if you have a Decay build.

How To Gain Corruption

There are several ways that you can gain Corruption, which we will go over below.

Corrupted Zones

First, you can gain this effect by standing in Corrupted Zones. These are areas on the map where green smoke rises from the ground. Corrupted Zones appear around the maps, with a higher concentration of these zones in the Antique Plateau.

Enemy Attacks

Additionally, you can gain Corruption by being attacked by the following enemies.

  • Scourge
  • Wendigos
  • Corrupted Enemy Variations


There is a variety of items that can increase your Corruption level. These items can be found listed below, along with the percentage raised.

ItemPercentage Raised
Boiled Crawlberry1%
Boiled Purpkin1%
Purpkin Pie2%
Nightmare Mushroom2%
Crawlberry Tartine2.5%
Crawlberry Jam5%
Horror's Potion10%
Illuminating Potion10%


There are three skills that increase Corruption Levels as well. The following skills will increase your Corruption.

  • Blood Sigil
    • This is a sigil that allows you to create combos
    • Increase Corruption by 5%
  • Blood Turret
    • This is a possible combo with a Blood Sigil
    • Increase Corruption by 6%
    • Blood Tendrils
      • This is a possible combo with a Blood Sigil
      • Increase Corruption by 3%
      • Effects

        Lastly, there are four effects that will increase your Corruption level. You can check out these effects below.

        • Blood Leech
          • Increase Corruption by 3%
        • Gift of Blood
          • Increase Corruption by 3%
          • Gift of Blood Ally
            • Increase Corruption by 6%
            • Scourge Cocoon
              • Increase Corruption by 10%
              • Reducing Corruption Levels

                Now that you know how to increase your Corruption level, let's take a look at how to reduce it.


                To reduce the current level of Corruption that you have, you can use the following two potions.

                • Purity Potion
                  • -50% Corruption
                • Sanctifier Potion
                  • -20% Corruption
                  • This can be purchased from vendors in any city
                  • Both of these potions can be expensive, but they will immediately remove the percentage of Corruption shown above, making them quite valuable.


                    With the Cleanse skill, you will also be able to reduce your Corruption by 30 percent. To use this skill, you will need to have at least 50 percent Corruption, which means that you are not able to completely get rid of all the Corruption. Combined with the Sanctifier Potion though, you will be able to bring your level down to zero.

                    Corruption Recover Effect

                    Lastly, the Corruption Recovery will deplete your Corruption by 0.1 percent per second, for a total of five minutes. This effect comes from the Innocence Potion, which also provides Corruption Resistance.

                    That's all there is to know about Corruption. Overall, be mindful of your current level of Corruption. If it is high, we recommend avoiding enemies that deal Lightning Damage and carrying plenty of food with you.

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