Outriders: The Best Mods You Need To Use

One of Outriders’ best features is the mod system. Nearly every weapon and armor piece has a mod equipped, granting it a powerful perk. These vary in usefulness, ranging from extra weapon damage to fundamentally changing the way a skill works.

Every build will want to take full advantage of what these mods offer. Thanks to the crafting system, they’re relatively easy to apply to items as well. With that said, not every mod is created equal. Certain mods are far more powerful than others, making it difficult to decide which mods are worth using. In this guide, we’ll go over the best class-agnostic weapon and armor mods, then cover a few build-enabling mods that each class can use.

Note: This guide only covers a few mods you can find on Enoch. If you want a comprehensive list of every mod in Outriders, consult the Outriders Fandom Wiki.

Weapon Mods

Weapons mods can provide a massive boost to your damage output or provide a great deal of utility for Anomaly-focused builds. Some legendary mods, such as Amber’s Vault’s Killing Spree mod, are downright essential for breaking into the highest Expedition Challenge Tiers.

Tier 1

  • Clip Combustion: Reloading this weapon creates a shockwave, dealing damage to enemies within a 5-meter radius. | 2-second cooldown.
  • Fireworks: Shots create an explosion that deals damage to all enemies within a 6-meter radius. 3-second cooldown.
  • Shield Maiden: Shots generate Shield | 1-second cooldown.

Clip Combustion is deceptively strong. You can force this mod to proc by holstering a weapon that doesn’t have any ammo in its magazine. If you get swarmed, swap to the weapon to get a free burst of damage around you, giving you some breathing room. Since the damage scales with level, this strategy is viable in all but extremely high Challenge Tier Expeditions.

Fireworks deals an absurd amount of damage considering how easy it is to proc. This is a fantastic mod for leveling and low-tier Challenge Tier Expeditions.

Shield Maiden is especially powerful on Tricksters, giving them a way of maintaining their Shield if they can’t kill an enemy. Put this on rapid-fire weapons for the best result.

Tier 2

  • Bone Shrapnel: Killing shots detonate the enemy’s bones and turn them into shrapnel that deals damage and inflicts Bleed on enemies within a 5-meter radius. | 1-second cooldown.
  • Claymore: Shots damage an enemy with an Anomaly blade, dealing damage | 4-second cooldown.
  • Death Chains: Shots entangle an enemy with chains, dealing damage over 3 seconds. | 2-second cooldown.
  • Perpetuum Mobile: You instantly replenish your magazine if you kill an enemy with 35% or less ammo remaining in your magazine.

Bone Shrapnel is one of the strongest on-kill effects in Outriders. It deals an absurd amount of damage and forces a Bleed proc, allowing you to take full advantage of Bleed-focused mods such as Vampiric Mag and Thirst for Blood.

Claymore, while it has a long cooldown, is one of the strongest on-hit mods in the game. When coupled with debuffs, the damage from Claymore can half-health most enemies on its own. Anomaly builds can also use this to finish off weakened enemies.

Death Chains deals an absurd amount of damage per second and has 100% uptime against bosses and Elites, thanks to its short cooldown. If you need a sustained DPS boost, look no further.

Perpetuum Mobile gives you infinite ammo if you can keep activating its effect. The magazine replenish doesn’t cancel bullet-enhancing skills such as Twisted Rounds, making this a top-tier mod for bullet skill builds.

Tier 3

  • Embalmer’s Rage: For 8 seconds after a killing shot, all following shots will be critical shots.
  • Fortress: Receive up to a 43% damage bonus based on your Armor.
  • Killing Spree: Killing shots increase damage by 25% for this weapon for 20 seconds. Bonus deteriorates with time and stacks up to 3 kills.
  • Moaning Winds: Reloading creates a strong blast around you, dealing X damage to enemies in range of 8 meters. | 2-second cooldown.
  • Shadow Comet: Shots call down a comet, dealing damage to enemies within a 3.5-meter radius.
  • Ultimate Bleeding Bullets: Shots inflict Bleed on enemies | 1-second cooldown.

Embalmer’s Rage has excellent synergy with critical-oriented mods such as Ultimate Bone Shrapnel and Brain-Eater. As of writing this, this mod seems somewhat bugged. It doesn’t always activate despite you landing a killing blow.

Fortress is arguably the strongest weapon mod in the game, so long as you have Armor-enhancing mods and perks. Devastators will especially see much use out of this mod, granting them a cataclysmic damage boost with no requirement.

Killing Spree, while boring, is one of the strongest mods in the game. It grants a 75% damage bonus that is multiplicative with other damage sources. Any Firepower build will want to use this mod once they obtain it.

Moaning Winds is a better version of Clip Combustion, allowing you to turn one of your weapons into a crowd-clearing AoE explosion when needed.

Shadow Comet is absurdly strong on weapons that fire multiple projectiles, namely shotguns. Every pellet from a shotgun can spawn a meteor, so long as each pellet hits a unique target. This allows virtually every build to output a hilarious amount of damage with shotguns and rapid-fire guns.

Ultimate Bleeding Bullets has excellent synergy with Vampiric Mag and Thirst for Blood, giving Firepower builds a better means of automatically reloading their weapon.

Armor Mods

Since there are no class-agnostic armor mods in the first tier, we’ll only be covering tier two and three armor mods in this section. All mods listed are usable with any class.

Tier 2

  • Bloodlust: Killing shots increase your Firepower by X. Stacks up to 3 times and deteriorates every 10 seconds.
  • Emergency Stance: Attain Golem protective effect for 4 seconds whenever your Health drops below 30% | 10-second cooldown.
  • Mitigation From Death: Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants X points of Armor for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Vampiric Mag: Killing shots on enemies afflicted with Bleed replenishes 50% of ammo in your magazine.

Bloodlust is effectively Killing Spree for your armor and stacks with damage-boosting mods. The Firepower boost is tremendous, granting a massive boost to your damage output while active.

Emergency Stance gives you the Devastator’s Golem ability for four seconds, granting 65% damage resistance while active. This mod is downright mandatory for aggressive builds that are pushing Challenge Tier 10 and above.

Mitigation from Death doubles or triples your Armor rating while active, granting most builds anywhere from 25-40% extra physical damage mitigation. This is a mandatory mod for Firepower builds.

Vampiric Mag synergizes well with Bone Crusher and other Bleed mods and skills. If you can apply Bleed consistently, this mod makes Perpetuum Mobile unnecessary for Firepower builds.

Tier 3

  • Captain Hunter: Increases your damage against Elites by 25%.
  • Power Assimilation: Boosts your Anomaly Power by X for each Elite present on the battlefield.
  • Sharp Eye: Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants you X Firepower for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Stare into the Barrel: Boosts your Firepower by for each enemy in Close Range. Stacks up to 5 times.

Captain Hunter grants a massive damage boost while you’re damaging Elites, the toughest enemies in the game.

Power Assimilation is a must-have mod for Anomaly builds. The Anomaly granted by this mod doesn’t seem to have a cap, and the radius covers the entire map.

Sharp Eye gives slightly more Firepower than Bloodlust, stacks with that mod, and is easy to proc. This is mandatory for all Firepower builds.

Stare into the Barrel is excellent for builds that focus on fighting at Close Range. Tricksters and Devastators will get the most use out of this mod.

Best Class-Specific Mods

The best mods for your class will heavily depend on what type of build you’re attempting to make. Bullet builds want Firepower and damage, Anomaly builds want Anomaly damage, and every build can benefit from additional skill uses and shorter cooldowns. Since the effectiveness of these mods relies heavily on your build, we’re not going to list “top-tier” mods.

However, we will list a few mods that are build-enabling or provide some amazing utility that’s hard to find elsewhere.


Devastator builds currently focus on Bleed or Armor scaling. Mods that grant any effects that buff these effects are fantastic. Here are a few mods that do this the best:

  • Blood Shock (Tier 1): Earthquake inflicts Bleed on enemies damaged by the skill.
  • Auto Reflect (Tier 1): You can now fight while Reflect Bullets is active, but you cannot manually deactivate the skill. It only negates 50% of the damage.
  • Primal Armor (Tier 1): Boulderdash doubles your Armor when the skill ends for 10 seconds.

Devastator has a few other top-tier mods that we cover in our Devastator build guide.


Pyromancers can build around their Volcanic Rounds as a Firepower build or as a spell-weaving Anomaly build. These mods can kickstart either:

  • Bullet Absorption (Tier 1): Replenishes 33% of ammo in your magazine for every enemy affected by the skill.
  • Phoenix Force (Tier 1): Overheat grants additional X Anomaly Power per status consumed by the skill for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
  • Double Fun (Tier 3): Thermal Bomb can affect two targets.

Our Pyromancer builds guide covers additional mods that are worth using.


Blighted Rounds are the most popular build for Technomancers at the moment, although creating builds that focus on supporting allies or utilizing the Technomancer’s tools are more than viable.

  • Trick Up the Sleeve (Tier 1): While Blighted Rounds is active, killing shots grant you 30% extra bullets in your mag.
  • Massacre (Tier 1): Tool of Destruction grants X Anomaly Power for each enemy killed for 6 seconds.
  • Cleansing Wind (Tier 1): Fixing Wave removes negative statuses from allies and grants 5 seconds of immunity from them.

Note: As of writing this, Massacre actually lasts for three seconds instead of six due to a bug. Once the developers fix an issue with Massacre, the duration will go back to six seconds, as expected.

We have a Technomancer build guide that covers a few more class-specific mods.


Tricksters can build themselves around Twisted Rounds, their melee skills, or tune themselves more towards a supportive role.

  • Ammo Bargain (Tier 3): While Twisted Rounds is active, killing shots replenish 20% of ammo in your magazine.
  • Delivery on Time (Tier 3): Activating Slow Trap replenishes ammo for every allies’ current weapon in the sphere’s range.
  • Slasher (Tier 1): Temporal Blade can be used 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.

We cover additional Trickster mods in our Twisted Round guide and best build guide.

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