Outriders: Support Technomancer Build

The Technomancer is arguably the go-to character to offer team support in Outriders. With the best support healing ability of any class, with the right build, a Technomancer can keep their teammates alive while also providing some long-range damage and freezing every bad guy in sight.

In this guide, we’ll cover the ideal Support Technomancer build, including which class tree to go down, which mods are best suited to the build, and what sort of playstyle you should be aiming for. If you’re looking for a different kind of Technomancer build, check out our guide here.

Best Class Tree For A Support Technomancer

One thing to realize about this Support build is that it relies heavily on the Fixing Wave skill, so you want a class tree that boosts the potential power of Gadgets. That’s the Tech Shaman tree.

The key parts of the tree for this build are:

  • Gadgeteer reduces Gadget skill cooldowns by 15 percent (more heals more of the time)
  • Medical Unit increases the healing of you and your allies every time you use a Gadget skill (30 percent for 7 seconds, a pretty big boost)

Of course, the final skill in the Tech Shaman tree (Overclocked) is awesome as well: if you do happen to die, you’ve got a chance to be revived on your own, which means your teammates can carry on focusing on whatever Expedition you’re battling through and you can get back to healing them A.S.A.P.

The Tech Shaman tree also offers a lot of synergy for Freeze, so that will become a crucial part of this build.

Best Skills For A Support Technomancer Build

Because we’re heading down the Tech Shaman tree it makes sense to play to its advantages: we’re running Gadget skills.

Cryo Turret

That means your Cryo Turret is going to be super-effective for this build. Freeze is basically going to be your go-to for pretty much everything. There’s an awesome Legendary tier 3 mod called “Twins” which allows you to put down two Cryo Turrets at once: a total game-changer, and an awesome finish for this build.

Cold Snap Or Blighted Turret?

Now you’ve got a choice of either Cold Snap or Blighted Turret with the Ice Component mod that changes its Blight into Freeze. Honestly, Cold Snap is pretty bad. It does what a Cryo Turret does but for a shorter period of time. Cold Snap is sort like a “Get Out Of Jail Card” for when you find yourself surrounded by swarming enemies. It’s pretty useless against Elites, especially in difficult quests like the Shepherds of Enoch.

No, we recommend the Blighted Turret with the Ice Component mod. That means you’ve got two turrets going ham with the freeze while you kite enemies around. This also means your teammates can take their time with their shots, lining up perfect headshots on frozen enemies. Works brilliantly, even for very difficult Expeditions.

Fixing Wave

This is the crux of the entire build. Fixing Wave heals you, your allies, and your turrets. There are some fantastic mods for this Skill that can really add a lot to the build: you want to aim for the Legendary Quartermaster mod, which replenishes your ally’s ammo with each activation of the skill, and the Cleansing Wind mod, which will remove status affliction from enemies.

You can check out our best mods for the Technomancer guide here.

Best Weapons For A Support Technomancer

To succeed as a Support Technomancer you need to play to the class’s strengths: long-range damage. Down the Tech Shaman tree, there are no options to diversify your damage with Anomaly Power or Assault Rifles, so any long-range damage is a must.

That means snipers and rifles are a good option. Our absolute favorite weapon is the legendary bolt action rifle, The Iceberg. This comes kitted out with the legendary tier 3 mod Winter Blast, which causes critical shots to explode into a blast of ice that freezes nearby enemies. This fits right into the Freeze meta you’re going for in this Support build.

As a secondary weapon, we recommend the Legendary assault rifle Absolute Zero. Like The Iceberg, this weapon comes with lots of freeze synergy via its Tier 3 Ultimate Freezing Mod, which causes bullets to freeze enemies. With the freeze damage boosts via the Tech Shaman tree, not only will you be helping your enemies, you’ll be dealing plenty of damage as well.

Check out our total list of the best weapons for Technomancer here.

Support Technomancer Playstyle

Learn to love that dodge button, it’s going to be your best friend. The purpose of any support Technomancer is to stay alive for as long as you can. You won’t be able to take much aggro and compared to some very high DPS classes, you won’t even do massive damage.

Your job is to stay alive, keep throwing down freezing turrets, and spamming your Fixing Wave skill whenever you see your ally’s health drop. A great team composition might look like: Technomancer, Devastator, and the Trickster. This means you’ve got two very high DPS close-range classes paired with a support Technomancer that can keep them alive for longer.

It’ll be your job to handle the swarms of minions that arrive during Elite and Boss Fights or during Expeditions. Let your teammates focus on the big guys while you kite the little ones while freezing them constantly. Many Elites and Bosses will resist your freezing, although it can still be useful on occasion.

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