Outriders: How To Fix The Missing HUD Bug

Outriders is finally out, but it’s causing a whole mess of issues for interested players. Minor bugs are plaguing the PC and console versions of the game, all while people are just trying to enjoy the experience. If these bugs are ruining your experience with the game, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve already covered the “Party Joining Failure” bug that’s been wreaking havoc with players attempting to jump in with friends, and now we’re going to help you with the pesky missing HUD bug.

The missing HUD bug literally makes the HUD invisible – it’s all there and working, but you can’t see it, and therefore your ability to play the game is significantly hampered. Just read below for our fixes on how to deal with the Invisible HUD bug, and leave a comment if this helped you, or if you have a fix of your own to share.

All Known Invisible “Missing” HUD Fixes For Outriders On PC And Console

Changing Your HUD Settings

This one has the lowest likelihood of actually working, but it’s worth a shot if fast travel or reloading the area isn’t an option for you.

In your options menu there’s a HUD section, and there are options to hide sections of the HUD. Try turning it all off, exiting the options menu, and then returning and turning all of your options back on. With some luck, you’ll have your HUD restored when you return to the game.

Reloading And Fast Travel

For our next fix – which you very well could combine with our previous one – you have go back to Outriders’ main lobby and pick your character to load into the game again. Upon reload you should, hopefully, have your HUD restored to you.

You can also try fast travelling to the main hub, and this may have the same effect as reloading the game.

Complete Restart

If the above attempts don’t seem to work, it’s time for a restart of the system you’re playing on, whether that be console or PC. If this doesn’t fix your issues, then you might be left waiting for a patch.

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