Outriders: Frontline Expedition Guide

Earning the best gear in Outriders will require you to clear Expeditions, endgame missions that have a strict time limit. The faster you clear these missions, the more rewards you’ll earn. While Challenge Tiers make these missions harder in general, some Expeditions are far more difficult than others.

Frontline is a divisive Expedition. For high DPS builds, this mission is a reasonable Expedition to farm. For support or tank builds, Frontline is nearly impossible to clear due to the sheer number of enemies. Bring as much damage as you can; you’re going to need it. Here is a complete guide to the Frontline Expedition in Outriders.

Completion Times And Enemies

Completion Times

  • Gold: 11:44
  • Silver: 16:52
  • Bronze: 22:00


Frontline only contains Insurgents, although many of them are Ironclads and Captains. Due to the sheer number of enemies in this mission, bringing a DPS build is highly recommended. Unless you can quickly kill dozens of enemies each second, enemies will quickly kill you. The final boss also deals quite a bit of Anomaly damage, so modding for some Resistance is recommended.

First Encounter

Get comfortable with this arena; you’re going to be here for half of the mission. Immediately when the door opens, you’ll be rushed by a small group of Insurgents, most of which are melee units. A few Breachers will accompany them. Landing a few headshots will reveal their heads, allowing for an easy kill. Clear out the wave, then head right.

Right Wave

Most enemies will spawn at the right part of the arena for most of this mission. Right as you arrive, multiple Cremators and Breachers will push your position. Cutthroats will also spawn with them, most of which arrive from the shore. You’ll want to kill the Cremators first, followed by the Cutthroats. Multiple waves will spawn on this side, so feel free to use any abilities to clear this section faster. AoE abilities and mods do wonders here. When the enemies stop spawning, head to the left side of the arena.

Left Wave

You can expect Cremators, Cutthroats, and Breachers on this side as well. This time, Marksman snipers will also spawn near the left-most part of the arena, attempting to snipe you from a distance. Alternate between the lower and upper regions to quickly kill each wave. As with the right side, the left side will spawn multiple waves of enemies before you can proceed. Most Elites will spawn from the bunker at the center of the arena. Save your hard-hitting abilities for these enemies, as they spawn in pairs.

After a few waves pass, some enemies will spill from the right side of the arena once more. This indicates that you’re almost done with this part. Clear them out, kill the remaining enemies on the left side, then wait for an NPC to mention an artillery strike. The artillery will blow up the wall on the left side of the arena, allowing you to proceed. Every enemy will die to the artillery strike, so conserve your ammo and abilities.

Second Encounter

Most of the action will be up the hill directly in front of you. If you want to take the enemies head-on, rush straight up the hill when you arrive. Otherwise, swing left to get a vantage point on most of the arena.

The hill will be defended by multiple Ironclads, two Captains that can Freeze you, and dozens upon dozens of Insurgent adds. This part is incredibly dangerous at higher Challenge Tiers, so take it slow if needed.

Focus on killing the Captains first, isolating them from the rest of the group. Marksman snipers will also appear throughout this part. Take them out the second you see their laser sight. Clear out the rest of the enemies, then open the gate at the end of the arena.


This short trench section will pit you against a few Cutthroats, a Cremator, and some typical Insurgent fodder. Swing left when you arrive, take out the Cutthroat duo, then kill the enemies guarding the exit. Clear out the enemies near the exit, then make your way to the final boss.

Boss Encounter

Moloch is back, and he’s just as annoying here as he was in the campaign. This boss deals an absurd amount of fire damage with his skills. If you don’t have any Resistance gear or passives, he can one-shot you at higher Challenge Tiers. Trying to keep your distance doesn’t work; Moloch will flame dash on top of you if you avoid him. You’re going to need to stay aggressive to kill him.

Right as he spawns, kill the two Captains escorting him. If you wait until later, the Captains will Freeze you, giving Maloch an opening to instantly kill you. Deal some damage to Moloch, then immediately back up. A wave of Insurgents will spawn beside the Drop Pod and Moloch’s spawn location. Use these enemies as a health buffer while you damage Moloch, damaging the adds whenever Moloch deals a nasty blow to your Health.

Killing Moloch himself will involve the use of crowd control effects. Freeze, Ash, or Slow Moloch whenever you can to give yourself an opening. Unload as much damage into his health bar as possible, then create some distance. Be careful doing this, as Moloch can become immune to all crowd control effects for a few seconds if you keep stunning him (denoted by a blue circle to the left of his health bar). Keep doing this until he’s dead. Don’t push Moloch unless he’s vulnerable to crowd control effects. Kill everyone in the boss arena to finish the mission.

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