Outriders: Every Single Ability For The Trickster Class, Ranked

The Trickster class in Outriders is the class you should pick at the beginning of the game if you prefer a fast-paced playstyle. The Trickster is suited for those who can combat enemies up close and want to move in and move out of a situation fast. The Trickster has the ability to bend the laws of space and time, making this class perfect for assassinations and unpredictable movements.

This class is insanely fun to use. It may not be as sturdy as the other classes in the game, but it will definitely allow you to move as fast as you can, which is perfect for a game as fast-paced as Outriders. While it is fun to play as a Trickster, you should first familiarize yourself with the abilities that come with the class in order to play more efficiently.

8 Borrowed Time

The Borrowed Time ability is perfect for getting in and out of situations in the blink of an eye. Once you activate the skill, you will mark your current location. You will also receive a defense increase equal to 16.5% of your Anomaly power. You can then move around as you please, but triggering the skill again will teleport you back to your marked location.

The Borrowed Time skill takes a bit of practice to master, but it is incredibly helpful in a ton of situations, especially once you get trapped. Pairing it with Hunt the Prey is also immensely satisfying. You can pair this ability with mods such as Armor of Eons, Time-Space Protection, Death Shell, and more. This ability unlocks at level 13.

7 Venator’s Knife

The Venator’s Knife is a Deception skill. It will allow you to throw temporal knives at enemies. The blade will bounce around a maximum of five enemies. These enemies will then be slowed down for 10 seconds and the next damage they receive from you will be doubled. You can unlock this ability at level 17.

There are a handful of mods you can equip to make this ability even more powerful. The Sharpening mod will increase this ability’s damage. The Eager Edges will increase the maximum number of enemies affected by seven.

6 Slow Trap

The Slow Trap ability unlocks at level 3. Once activated, a sphere will appear around you, which slows down enemies trapped within the sphere, allowing you to hit them with ease. The time distortion works on projectiles as well.

The Ultimate Big Range mod will increase the sphere’s range by two meters. You can also equip the Thunder Dome mod to receive 100% after the skill ends. If you want to weaken enemies who are trapped by the sphere, you can equip the Weakening Zone mod.

5 Cyclone Slice

If you want to move like a tornado while dealing a considerable amount of damage to enemies, the Cyclone Slice ability should fulfill your wishes. This ability allows you to spin like a whirlwind for about five seconds, all the while dealing damage to the enemies you hit. This will also interrupt their skills. If you equip the Ultimate Duration mod, you can make this ability last for about 15 seconds.

Other useful mods for this ability are Speed Up, which functions exactly as it sounds, Wind Slash, which increases the ability’s damage, and the Rebound mod. That final mod will deflect all incoming bullets back to enemies while the skill is active.

4 Time Rift

The Time Rift ability is the last ability you’ll unlock as a Trickster at level 22. Once activated, the ability will send enemies suspended up in the air, rendering them unable to fight for about 3.5 seconds. The Double Time mod will increase this duration, leaving enemies suspended two times longer.

This ability also inflicts Weakness upon enemies affected and interrupts their skills in the process. You can even inflict them with Vulnerable status if you’re equipped with the Geiger’s Wave mod. To reach more opponents, the Long Range mod will triple this ability’s range.

3 Temporal Blade

The Temporal Blade ability is the first ability available to you as a Trickster. Not only will this cause a considerable amount of damage, but it will also interrupt them from using their skills. The damage dealt is equal to 86% of your Anomaly power. It will also inflict Slow on affected enemies.

If you want to increase this weapon’s damage, equip the Strong Slice mod. You can also use the ability one more time before triggering the cooldown by equipping the Slasher mod.

2 Twisted Rounds

The Twisted Rounds ability will coat your bullets with Anomaly power, making your shots far more powerful than they already are. The amount of damage increased to your weapon is 50% of your total Anomaly power. This ability may not be as flashy as the other abilities but this will make you a very powerful character.

To make this ability even more powerful, you can equip the Twisted Fate mod. This will essentially make you a critical damage monster while the ability is active. This skill will last until you reload or switch weapons. You can also use the Additional Mag mod to make extend the ability to another round. This ability unlocks at level 6.

1 Hunt The Prey

The Hunt the Prey ability is one of the most fun things about being a Trickster. Activating this ability will teleport you behind an enemy, which also provides you with a substantial shield bonus. The possibilities are endless with this ability, especially if you’re already comfortable being a Trickster.

You can pair this ability with so many other abilities such as Temporal Blade and Borrowed Time. You can also pair it with mods to make it more powerful. The Backstabber, for example, will increase the damage you deal to the enemy you teleported behind. You can also use Timeblast to apply Slow within a five-meter radius of the area you teleported in.

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