Outriders: 8 Skills You Need To Get Right Away

The gameplay of Outriders is heightened by two particular areas, the game’s gunplay and the abilities that come with each class. These two areas of the game make Outriders a really stand-out title.

To deal with the game’s challenges even better, there are a couple of skill traits that are unique to each class that you can unlock by leveling up. These skills or traits are passive abilities that provide you with bonuses and buffs. Each class has its own skill tree that’s unique to them, with traits that are tailor-fitted to benefit the play style of the class. Some of these skills are much more beneficial than others and it will be better for players if they prioritize getting these first.

8 Brawler (Devastator)

The Brawler trait is exclusive to the Devastator class. This trait will increase your close-range weapon damage by 15%. This buff is incredibly beneficial for a Devastator considering this class is suited for that type of combat.

This trait belongs to the Vanquisher skill tree. To get this, you’ll first need to get the Devastator trait, which unlocks the Havoc trait, then the Armorbreaker, and finally to this one. To fully realize the benefits of this trait, make sure your main weapon is close-ranged, like a pump-action shotgun.

7 Endless Tremors (Devastator)

The Endless Tremors trait will reduce the cooldown of your Seismic skills by 15%. This will allow you to use abilities such as Earthquake, Impale, and Tremor at closer intervals, which will give you an even higher edge during combat.

Making use of your abilities as much as you can is often the name of the game in Outriders. A trait that reduces an ability’s cooldown is something you should immediately opt for. A 15% reduction may not sound like much, but you’ll be able to feel it immensely during gameplay.

6 Anomalous Lava (Pyromancer)

The Anomalous Lava trait is exclusive to the Pyromancer class. This trait belongs to the Fire Storm skill tree. Getting this skill will give you a generous 40% increase in armor for over 10 seconds every time you use an Ignite ability. This includes Heatwave, Volcanic Rounds, and F.A.S.E.R. Beam, undoubtedly some of the Pyromancer’s best abilities.

Pyromancers are considered to be medium-range combatants, so an armor buff is a very handy trait. As a Pyromancer, you should always have at least one of the three abilities listed above in your ability slot as inflicting burn damage is one of the best things about being a Pyromancer anyway.

5 Phoenix Nestling (Pyromancer)

The Phoenix Nestling trait is one of the most incredible skills you can have as a Pyromancer. In fact, it is arguably one of the best traits in the game. If you die in-game with this trait attained, a Phoenix will revive you with 50% health.

You can even take this trait a step further and get the Phoenix trait down the line. This one will have you be revived with 100% health instead of 50%. The Phoenix Nestling skill will cool down for 180 seconds after use while the Phoenix skill will only need 135 seconds.

4 Arms Trick (Trickster)

The Arms Trick skill is exclusive to the Trickster class. The good thing about this is that it’s the very first trait that you can unlock from the Assassin skill tree, with two others of the same variety down the line. This skill will increase your close-range weapon damage by 15%.

This is highly useful for Tricksters considering this class is suited for fast-paced action and close-ranged combat.

3 Combat Shield’s Timeline (Trickster)

The Combat Shield’s Timeline skill will increase your Anomaly power by 50% for 10 seconds each time you use a Movement ability. This includes abilities such as Hunt the Prey and Borrowed Time.

If your main character is a Trickster, you most likely use the Hunt the Prey ability constantly. This trait will incentivize using this ability even more. Not only will you be able to move faster around the battlefield and attack enemies from behind, but the Anomaly power that you’ll use afterward will be even more potent.

2 Gadgeteer (Technomancer)

The Gadgeteer skill is exclusive to the Technomancer class. This trait belongs to the Tech Shaman skill tree and it will reduce the cooldown of your Gadget skills by 15%. This includes abilities such as Cryo Turret, Fixing Wave, and Cold Snap.

A 15% reduction in cooldown is fairly generous for a game like Outriders. You most likely have at least one of the three abilities above in your slot if you’re a Technomancer. Being able to use them more frequently is such a massive advantage for you in combat.

1 Toxicologist (Technomancer)

Inflicting toxic damage is something you’re going to be doing a lot as a Technomancer. It is both incredibly gratifying and powerful. To make this buff even stronger, you’re going to want to activate the Toxicologist trait from the Demolisher skill tree. This skill will make the buff last 30% longer on enemies.

This trait is very useful if you frequently use the Blighted Rounds and Blighted Turret abilities, which you should.

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